June Story Contest

Jackie's Choice: Part 1 - Introduction
By: Kalsey
Age: 10

I swung Spirit’s lead rope over my shoulder and let it dangle down my back. My dog, Lucky was at my feet following me. Spirit is my horse at Wintergreen Farms. Which is my family’s farm. We have 80 horses, 10 dogs, 6 cats, 9 kittens, 15 chickens, we’re getting baby chicks soon, 4 guinea pigs and bunnies and hamsters, and 6 miniature horses.
          Spirit is a blue roan appaloosa standing around 15.4 hh. I clipped the light blue lead to her tie-dyed halter and led her to her stall. Her stall is around Peppermint, Sammie (my other horse), Calypso, Holly, and Charlie (my other horse again).
           Today was my riding lesson, I was riding with Maria Carrusso riding Cherrywood, Kaitlyn Zacora and Peppermint, me (Jackie Evans) and Spirit (later I will do a lesson with Sammie and then a lesson with Charlie, and Tracy Westfield and Prancer.
“Go ahead and do a serpentine, girls,” my mom, Mrs. Evans said. “Tracy, are you even concentrating?”
“I’m sorry Mrs. Evans.”

“Well thanks but please try and do it right.”
          Later on in the lesson my mom told Maria to jump the three cross rail line of jumps at the trot. Then Maria cantered the line. Kaitlyn and I jumped the whole course. I also do it with Sammie and Charlie.

“Jackie, I need to tell you something,” my dad told me.
“What,” I asked.
“Well, we can’t afford this many horses.”
“What does this mean I have to get rid of my horses… No WAY!!!” I replied angrily.
“Well, then we sell another horse or horses.”
“Why, Dad? I have formed a bond with them all,” I told him.

          That night I visited Spirit in her pasture with Jesse, Cody, Racer, Exterminator, and Lacey. I brought her into the ring and I cantered around with her. Then I went to Charlie and Sammie’s pasture with Lock, Bullet, Brainstorm, and Shiloh. I took them both out and cantered them around but I still could not find out which horse I wanted to get rid of.
          The next morning at breakfast Dad said,
“Jackie have you figured out what you’re going to do?”

Want to find out what Jackie Evans decides? Read part 2 next month.

Who do you think she should keep?

Spirit=blue roan appaloosa mare

Sammie=chestnut/orangey paint horse

Charlie=black and white paint horse

J w-mail me

Sammie and Charlie based on my two dogs.

R.I.P Sammie. 10/26/1997-6/4/2011