June Story Contest

A Horse's Life
By: Danielle4484
Age: 11

My name - well I don’t really have a name. Usually I’m called “ dumb horse” or “stupid” stuff like that. I am a chestnut gelding. I live at a farm named Watsenberry. It’s horrible here. I always get whipped, smacked, hit, you get the idea. This farm is, I learned, one of those farms were you can buy and sell horses. Only horses. I am a yearling and I got sold to this horrible place from Canada. My mom and dad are there, but not me. Now I’m at Watsenberry with the horrible owner, Rodger Watsenberry.


            “Come here, dumb horse!” yelled that horrible Rodger. I was standing in the back of the pasture. “No way!” I neighed to him. Obviously he can’t understand me. He walked toward me with a crop, smacking it against his leg. I spun on my hind legs and took off past him to the other side of the pasture. I hid behind the big oak tree and turned my head to see what he was going to do next. I saw Rodger laugh, his nasty grin was visible. He marched inside the barn. Phew! I thought, but I knew it wasn’t over. Soon, I saw Rodger shaking something by the pasture. Then, a flash of orange. Carrots? I was so tempted! I galloped toward him, sniffing the air at the same time. Oats and Carrots! I’ll just snatch them out of his hands and run! What a great plan! I stopped a few feet away from him, reached out my nose just a little - FLASH! I mean in a flash, Rodger pulled my halter on and buckled it. I give up! I thought hopelessly. He led me in the barn with firm hands on the lead rope. He kicked me when I got in my stall and I led out a yelp of pain! What a horrible man! No wonder nobody comes here to get a horse! Because of the mean man that lives here! I fell to the ground, in so much pain. Luckily, this time, there was no blood. My eyes got droopy and soon, very soon, I slept - but not very peacefully.

In the middle of a dream, I heard a growl. Was it Rodger? But then I woke up, realizing it was my stomach. I hadn’t ate anything in 1 day. Hearing footsteps, I quickly got up. I knew if it was Rodger, I would bite him so HE would bleed. But it wasn’t Rodger. It was his step daughter. Her step daughter is so nice, but she’s not in horses. She only comes on the weekends, when there is no school. I nickered to her, and she gave me a carrot. She must’ve realized my stall was not in the best shape because I soon found myself being led to the cross ties , where I got tied. She grabbed a muck bucket and started cleaning my stall. I tell you, she’s the fastest  stall cleaner ever. She usually gets done in about 5 minutes.

After she cleaned my stall and put more straw in it, she gave me feed with Lavender Oil, which soothes tense or scared horses. She cleaned out my water bucket and filled it. When she put me in my stall I nuzzled her and ate. As I ate my hay, I wondered what the step daughter’s name was. Soon, I finished and I lifted my head. I was hoping to see Rodger’s step daughter, but instead I saw Rodger. I don’t know how long he’s been there, but I knew he was there long enough to see me eat my food.

The first thing to come to my mind was bite. I did just that. I reached over to him and bit him on the arm. Teach YOU a lesson! I pulled away when he looked at his arm, blood leaking out. He gave me an angry look - like next was murder. I think he was going to do just that! “I’m not done with you!” he screamed and he slapped me in the head with his free hand.. I was so surprised that I went up in the air on my hind legs, my head knocking into the wall - then all went black.

To be continued…..