June Story Contest

The Sun Shinny Day
By: Horsegirllove
Age: 11

It was sunny outside and Horsegirlluv was grooming Biscuit.
"Hey Horsegirl!" Keely said leading Abdon over.
"Hey Keely,hi Abdon!"
"You silly horse get over here before I throw mud on Keely, and Horsegirl!" Britnie said chasing Shadow in the meadow.
"Whoa, we better move before we get ran over by Brit,and Shadow." I said letting Biscuit into the pasture.
"Are you trying to say,GET MUD THREW ON US?" Keely said entering the pasture with me. "Um,B why are you acting like your crazy?" Breanna55555 said riding up on Annie.
"I'm trying to catch Shadow here!" "Get back!" I whispered pulling Keely behinde the barn. Biscuit spotted Shadow running around, and charged threw the gate,breaking down the fence. "Brit,Brea watch out!" I yelled watching Biscuit charge towards Shadow making him spook,and charge towards Annie for safety who which made Annie run for cover throwing Brea off. Brea flew through the air screaming. "Brea!" Keely said looking shocked. Brea landed with a thump, and I looked out from the barn. Brea landed on B who was scrambling to get up. I ran over to B,and Brea who were rubbing there heads.
"I'm so sorry! Are you two ok?" I asked looking at both of them.
"I'm fine,but your horse sure has some engery." Brea said." I almost had Shadow now i've lost him!"Brit said.
"I'm sooooooooooooo sorry!" I said making a puppy face at Brit. "Fine,oh fine." Brit said smiling."I heard somebody hates pink." Keely said holding up a pink helmet.
"Ahhh! PINK!" Britnie said running in circles.
"Cure you Keely!" Said Britnie stopping.
"Oh I was just trying to help you!" Keely said coming closer to Britnie. "Don't come to close to me with that pink!" Britnie said backing up. "Hey! Look over there! There's Biscuit,Annie,and Shadow!"