June Story Contest

Robin Ridge Stables - part 1 The Approach
By Spacehorse88
Age: 12

Chapter 1
            I rushed through the rain towards the barn of Robin Ridge Stables. My mother and father had told me to meet them here so I had practically run the whole way. I had had a tricky time finding the way though because my family was new to Northvale (the town we moved to). I entered the barn and saw my parents standing by a stall.
            “Hi Hon,” My mom greeted me.
            “Hi Mom,” I said. “So what’s this all about?”
            “Well,” My dad said. “Remember that you’ve been begging us to get a horse?”
            “Yeah,” I answered slowly.
            “We couldn’t afford a horse,” Mom explained. “So we got you a pony!”
            “A pony?!” I croaked. “Really?”
            “Yep,” Dad answered. “The pony will be boarded here,”
            “Is it here yet?”
            “Not yet,” Mom said.
            “What breed is it? What’s its name?” I was bursting with questions.
            “Milky Way is a Connemara Pony.”  Mom said.
            “Excuse me,” A voice from behind us said. “Are you the Scotts?”
Dad turned around. “Yes, I’m Edward; this is my wife, Sharla, and our daughter, Julia.”
“I’m Ellen Charles, the owner of RRS (Robin Ridge Stables).” The woman said. “This is my daughter, Heather.”
I looked at the girl, Heather. She had long brown hair and blue eyes.
“Ms. Charles, Do we need to sign any other papers?” Mom asked.
“Yes, as matter of fact.” Ms. C. answered. “Heather will you show Julia around the barn?”
“Sure Mom,” Heather answered. “Come on Julia,”
I followed Heather down the aisle and tried to start up a conversation. “So it’s pretty cool that your mom owns the stable. Do you have a pony?”
Heather shrugged. “I guess. Yes, I have a black Welsh pony named Alfalfa. Let’s go see your horse.”

Chapter 2

Milky Way was led out of the trailer. She was about 14 hands (56 inches) high. She had a well proportioned head and was bay with a small star between her eyes. Her halter was turquoise.
I walked toward the mare and held her hand out. The mare nuzzled it.
I took the lead rope from the groom holding her. I took an apple from my pocket and fed it to Milky Way.
“You take her to her stall,” Mom said. “We’ll bring her tack.”
“O.K.” I said and led Milky Way to her stall. “Hey pretty girl,” I murmured. “You’re going to like it here and maybe you’ll make friends with Alfalfa, Heather’s pony.”
Milky Way nuzzled my shirt.
“You are too sweet.” I kissed her nose. I latched her stall door and jogged back outside.
The rain had stopped and Heather was riding a black pony with ermine markings on its front legs in an outdoor ring.
Must be Alfalfa, I thought.
“Julia,” Mom called. “Where’s the tack room.
“Over here,”


Chapter 3

I pedaled my bike up the drive of RRS. After I chained my bike I walked into the barn office and signed in.
One of the rules of RRS was that you had to sign in for when you got to the barn, when and where you went trail riding, when you got back from the trail and when you left at the end of the day.
I walked into Milky Way’s stall and patted her back. Then I opened the tack closet in her stall. I pulled out the tack caddy, tied Milky Way and started grooming her. After I saddled and bridled the mare, I led her into the aisle.
It seemed Heather had the same idea; she was leading Alfalfa out of his stall. “Hey, Heather do you want to ride the cross-country course with me?” I asked.
“Sure,” Heather answered.
“Race you,” Heather invited.
“You’re on,” I called back.
So we raced. Milky Way jumped over the jumps like they were twigs to walk over! It was so exciting. The wind blows in you face, twigs scrape against your helmet.
Milky Way’s stride was so smooth it felt like I was riding on a cloud.
When we got back to the barn a girl was mounting a palomino Shetland pony named Columbus. “Well, if it isn’t Heather. Your jacket has dirt on it.” She sneered.
“Hello, Jasmine,” Heather muttered. “Come on, Julia,”
“Who was she,” I asked.
“Jasmine MaKron,” Heather said. “She’s the daughter of the richest people in Northvale.”
“Ugh,” I said. “She doesn’t sound very nice.”
“She’s not,”
“Want to ride over to the ice cream shop and get some ice cream?” I asked.
“You really know how to change the subject,” Heather shook her head. “But sure, I love ice cream.”
I grinned. “Let’s go,”


Chapter 4

“Julia, Julia have you heard?” Heather called down the aisle of RRS. “Northvale’s having a horse show!”
I looked up from picking out Milky Way’s hooves to read the flyer Heather held out to me.

Northvale 2nd Annual Horse and Pony Show
June 21, 2010-June 26, 2010
East Fairgrounds

All are welcome to enter in the competition.
 Beginner Horse Dressage-June 21 10:00 A.M.
 Beginner Pony Dressage-June 21 12:00 P.M.
Beginner Horse Show Jumping-June 22 9:00 A.M.
 Beginner Pony Show Jumping-June 22 1:30 P.M.
Beginner Western Shows-June 23 9:00 A.M-5:00 P.M.
Advanced Horse Dressage-June 24 10:00 A.M.
Advanced Pony Dressage-June 24 12:00 P.M.
Advanced Horse Show Jumping-June 25 9:00 A.M.
Advanced Pony Show Jumping-June 25 1:30 P.M.
Advanced Western Show-June 26 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Fees are $3.00 for Beginner Classes and $5.00 for Advanced.

“Are you going to enter a show?” Heather asked.
“Probably, Show Jumping,” I answered. “Advanced,”
“I’m going to enter the same class.” Heather answered.
“Do you want to go trail riding with me?” I asked.
“Sure,” Heather agreed.

Birds chirped, sunlight shined through the trees. The woods were very peaceful.
Milky Way and Alfalfa trotted side by side. Milky Way’s stride was so smooth I felt like I was riding on a cloud on a peaceful summer evening.
Tomorrow was the show and after a month of training Heather and I were nervous wrecks. So Ms. C. insisted we go on a trail ride. We were headed back to the barn now.

Chapter 5

I pulled back my blonde hair back in a bun. Then I adjusted my red jacket.
“You look ready,” Mom said, leaning against the door frame. “You’ll do great!”
“Thanks Mom,”

“Next is Julia Scott on Milky Way riding for Robin Ridge Stables,”
I mounted Milky Way “Come on girl, we can do it, I think,”
“You’ll do great Julia,” Heather said and patted my knee.
I trotted into the ring. Then I tapped Milky Way for a canter. We soared over the first jump. This round wasn’t timed, so I wasn’t too worried I just needed a clear round. In five minute it was over. I had qualified for the last round!

The 2nd round was timed so I needed to clear all the jumps and do it the fastest to win.
We took off, Milky way cantering and me concentrating hard. We soared like eagles over all the jumps.
After all the riders had ridden the judge pinned a blue ribbon on Milky Way’s bridle.
I almost jumped for joy. I kissed Milky Way’s star. Thank you, Milky Way. Thank you. We won!