June Story Contest

Horseland- The Competition
By: Glambrat32
Age: 10

Don't let competition ruin friendships. When Horseland must choose one rider to represent the stable in a big Western Riding competition, Chloe & Zoey's competitiveness is communicable, and soon even all four of our best friends are on edge. But after Chloe wins, now comes the hard part for everyone else: making up.

"Ready?" Teeny, a pig, says. "I'm happy as a pig everyday, a true lucky singer is a pig! I'll feel good tomorrow, come what may. I'm soo happy to be a pig! Oink, oink." "Nice one, Teeny." comments Shep, the collie at Horseland, he jumps onto the hay bale Teeny was on. "Heeeyyyy therreee. Beast of the fieeelllddd. Have you seen me comin'? Met on yeeeeiiiilddd. If I say heel, get heeled. Cuz I'm the alfa dog! And your just a cat and a hoooooooggg. Arroooooooooooooo."

"Shep, save your voice and use it to turn loosely.” says Angora, they gray greedy cat. "And it's time to hear this winner to be in this singing competition. Mwa!" she finishes as he walks to the hay bale that Shep is still standing on. "You know Angora, when you compete winning isn't necessarily the most important thing." Shep said.
"Shep! I heard you howling, I was so worried. You sounded hurt! Anyway, I'm glad to see your okay." Sarah said patting Shep's cream colored head. "Ruff!" Shep barks as Sarah walks away. "Hahahaaha!" Angora and Teeny burst out laughing at Shep.
"No, only my pride Sarah, only my pride." he says looking at the dirt ground. The horses neigh as Bailey and the others walk on in. Alma reading a book while grooming, while Zoey and Chloe are brushing their hair and painting their fingernails. "You guys, this book about famous horses of the past in incredible! Did you know a palomino stallion named Trigger was the most famous horse in the entire country? He had a white flowing mane and a famous cowboy rode him! Back the they made movies together." said Alma, still looking at her book as Will walks in with a Western saddle.

"I have an announcement buckaroos.” he says. "Buckaroos?" Molly questions, she stops grooming her appaloosa Calypso for a moment and Sarah does the same. "I'm gonna teach you cowpokes some new Western riding techniques!" Will says putting the Western saddle down.
"Alright!" exclaims Sarah excitedly.
"Will, Western riding is your specialty isn't it?"
"Uhh, I've done a bit." he replies. Molly and Sarah look at each other.
"Si! El amo Western riding!" Alma says holding her book in one hand and the brush in the other. "Ya! He likes Western riding, Western omelets, Western BBQ." Molly says. "Listen up! We're having a competition to choose one rider from Horseland to represent us in the Junior Nationals!" Will says after Molly finishes. "The Junior Nationals!" Molly, Sarah, and Alma say in union.
"Western riding is soo easy." Bailey says walking away from his horse, Aztec. "Western riding is country." Chloe says in disappointment. "I know, is there anything worse than country? I mean. "The music." Chloe says. "The clothes!" Zoey complains. "Hello, the hats?" questions her younger sister.
 "No! Say we don't have to wear cowboy hats!" "And whats up with the Western saddle?" Chloe asks.
"The Western saddle is bigger and heavier than and English saddle." Will answers. "Duh! Tell us something we don't know." Zoey says getting the English saddle. "See how much smaller and lighter the English saddle is." Zoey says holding the saddle with both hands. "Even I can lift it!"
"Your right Zoey, but the Western saddle is designed for comfort all day long, both horse and rider." Will says patting the top of the Western saddle. "The English saddle is designed to give the rider closer contact with the horse." "Exactly, and when I ride I want to be totally at one with my horse." Chloe says, folding her arms. "Sure you do! Until it comes time to muck out his stall." Molly teases. "Hhahahaa!" Zoey giggles. "Eh hem, as a matter of fact I'm going to pass the bogus competition all together,” Chloe murmurs. "I'm sticking to English riding."
"Me too, you won't see me wearing a cowboy hat over MY helmet." agrees Zoey with an angry expression on her face. "Well I can't wait to get started!!" squealed Alma. "Me too!" Molly and Sarah chimed. The next morning, Molly, Sarah, and Alma were stretching while Bailey was lying on a haystack.

'I'm so excited I hardly slept!" said Alma bending down. "I didn't sleep much either but not because I'm excited." replied Sarah with unhappiness in her voice. "Something wrong Sarah?" Molly asked. "Ya, my parents wanted me to have a new Quarter horse. The type of horse that’s perfect for Western riding." "I thought your said there was something wrong." Molly answered looking at Sarah. "I don't want to have an unfair advantage over you three, and I love Scarlet so much. I know it's hard to say, but it feels like I'm betraying her."  Finished Sarah.
"Your right, don't do it Sarah!" Scarlet neighed.
"But Sarah, we want you to do your best, honest! It's a horse." Alma says with a wide-eyed look on her face.
"Ya. Not that it'll make any difference between me and Aztec in the competition." Bailey said yawningly. "You got that right, dude,” mumbled Aztec tossing his forelock out of his face. "It's only for this one competition."
"Ya, Scarlet will always be your number one horse! Right Scarlet?" Alma agreed.
"Humph, easy for her to say." mumbled Scarlet. "I don't know, it doesn't feel right." Sarah said and Will rode Jimber over. "Are we gonna talk or are we gonna ride?" he questioned the 3 girls. "Better give them a second to think about it." Bailey said jogging up to Aztec. 
The 4 lined up shoulder to shoulder and Will instructed. "Now in Western, horses go at a slower gait. Anyone know-" "I do! I read about that, it's called a jog." Alma says her love of reading helps her learn!
"That’s right. Watch Jimber!" Will instructed. "Remember, 2 neat things about Western riding, you hold both reins in one hand and you stay behind the horse. I don't mean that literally of course.” he said.
"I know what you mean, you mean you train the horse to move away from the pressure you apply!" exclaimed Alma, as usual.
"Yep! In Western, there are less reins and more body. You kind of pushing the horse in the direction you want it to go." Will said as he applied pressure and Jumber moved away from it to make a spin once. "See, your turn Alma!" Will said. "Go Alma!" cheered Sarah. "Ride girl!" "Lean forward in the saddle Alma!" Will encouraged.
"Caramba!" she said holding onto Button's neck. Sarah was next. "Moono cha cha Sarah!" "Come on Sarah!" Molly and Alma said. Next was Molly. This time she got Calypso to do it. "Go Molly! Beautiful!" said Sarah. "Great job." Alma smiled. "Not bad for a city kid! Calypso's an appaloosa, she was bred for Western riding." said Will riding up to Molly.  "Good girl Calypso! That was amazing how you did that." Molly praised her. "I told you I was meant for Western." bragged Bailey.
Aztec freaked out over one hand on both reins. "Whoa! Whoa! Sorry Aztec, both hands on the reins, gotta get used to this boy." he said grabbing both reins in two hands. The girls giggled. "I can't believe I missed that!" Chili said laughing at Aztec. "I'm gonna this one more time, it was Bailey's fault!" snapped Aztec. "It doesn't mean you failed, it's just means you'll have to work harder at it." said Sarah standing next to Bailey, who was mad. "Yeah Bailey! The way I see it, your still the one to beat!" encouraged Molly. "Good work today riders. See you tomorrow!" Will said walking out of the barn. "Bye Will!" "Thanks a lot!" "See you tomorrow!" said the 3 girls.

Will stopped in his tracks and turned around "Oh by the way, I just heard, Chris Alter is going to be the judge of the Junior Nationals." he said.
"Chris Alter!?" they all said, except Chloe and Zoey. "The rockstar?" "The leader of C Play?" "The singer of my favorite group?" "The best guitar player ever?" they said all looking at Will with big eyes.
"Yep, I hear he rides a little bit, see you tomorrow." Will said and he turned around.
"Wait! If I go to the Nationals, will I like get to meet him?" Alma asked.
 "Yeah guess so." replied Will. He walked away and the others eyed each other. "We're gonna meet Chris Alter!" Sarah, Molly, and Alma said in a squealy voice. "Uhh wait a minute," Sarah began "think about it. Only one of us is going to meet Chris Alter." "I'm going to meet Chris Alter!" they all chimed.

The next day, Bailey, Molly, and Alma were waiting for Sarah. "Sarah is never late!" exclaimed Alma. "I hope she's okay." said Molly. "Whats that?" Alma asked looking at a trailer. They walked outside to see the commotion, and out came Sarah with a new QH. "Whats this, a new horse?" Molly asked. "My parents leased him on a trial basis." Sarah said shrugging. "I real QH! Bred and trained for Western Riding!" Alma exclaimed stroking his white blaze.
"Trained for his entire life." Sarah said looking down. "Wow girl, congratulations!" Molly encouraged Sarah,
"I don't know Sarah, and it is kind of unfair for to have such a big advantage in the competition." Bailey said sort of jealous. "Yep, I agree." Sarah replied, she seemed unhappy about having the new horse.
"Come on Bailey! Be a good sport! Can't you be happy for your friends?" Alma asked Bailey. "Hey, we're talking about being with Chris Alter!" Bailey snapped and walked away, leaving Alma with her mouth wide open. "Hmm, maybe I' not as happy for Sarah as I thought I was.." Alma wondered walking back to the barn.
Later during the afternoon, Alma was trying to barrel race with both reins in one hand, se had never done this before.
"Control Alma! Remember, scoring is based on smoothness, speediness, and attitude. Go ahead and use both hands!" Will instructed watching Alma. "I don't need two hands!"
Alma objected. "You do until you get better at this." Will answered back. "Time to take a break." Will said leading Button. "Wow Alma! You might not meet Chris Alter, but you can get a job as a circus clown!" joked Molly. "I'll get this down Molly, and you don't have to make fun of me."
Alma snapped as she walked by. "Hey it was just a joke!" Molly said. "Look who’s here." Bailey said pointing at Sarah.
"Where's your new horse Sarah?" Bailey asked. "I just couldn't ride any horse but Scarlet." she replied. "Okay Molly, give it a try!" Will said. "Wish me luck!" requested Molly. "Good luck Molly!" encouraged Sarah. "Good luck." sighed Alma. Molly and Calypso galloped around the barrels neatly and cleanly. "You keep up the good worked Molly, and maybe someday you'll be running rings around me and Jimber." Will said surprised that Molly did great.
 "Did you hear that girl? We are happenin!" Molly said hugging her horse.
"Caramba, you sound like you already won the Junior Nationals." groaned Alma.
"I mean really, it's not over yet." agreed Sarah. "Whats with you two anyway?" asked Molly, confused. "Maybe our horses aren't bred for Western riding, but that doesn't mean we don't have a chance!" Alma piped her voice getting louder. "Alma, Sarah is a good sport. Can't you be happy for your friends?"
Bailey said in a taunting voice. "Pass the salt please, pass the salt PLEASE?"
Alma said angrily after saying it the first time. "Sorry." sighed Bailey handing Alma the salt. "Thank you.” she snapped partly. "Your welcome." Bailey said, but he didn't really mean it.
"Mmm mmmm. This feed is extra tasty today! Or is it just that I'm in a fantastic mood after that ride? Flawless! I'd probably enjoy eating rocks right now!" whinnied Calypso. "I'd be happy to get you some!" joked Button with a neigh. "Oh you guys!" nickered Calypso. "You know Alma, it's considered rude to read at a table." Sarah said. "I'd tell you what I'm reading about, but you guys would just interrupt me." sighed Alma.
"I'm trying to eat and you girls won't stop talking, as usual!" interrupted Bailey.
"Won't stop talking!? We just started talking!" objected Molly. "She's right Bailey, and I'm getting tired of you ticking us girls off."
"And I'm tired of you girls ganging up on me!" complained Bailey.
"We wouldn't have to gang up on you if you weren't so immature!" sassed Sarah.
"Who said 'we gang up on' I don't gang up on anyone!" bragged Alma who's nose was finally out a book. "Because your not paying attention to anyone, and you have your nose in a book!" argued Molly. "I don't always have my nose in a book!!" yelled Alma.
 "When your asleep maybe.." wondered Bailey, and laughed. "And maybe it's because I like the company of a book than some people I know!" snapped Alma banging her fist on the table. "Maybe you'd rather read a book because it's easier than relating to some people!" yelled Molly. "I get along great with people that I want to get along with!
What do you know about relating to people? All you do is tell jokes!" screamed Alma! "At least I'm having fun, your so serious all the time! You just not happening, none of you!" yelled Molly standing up and walking off.

Later they all departed from the table and went their ways.
"You've all worked hard these past few weeks, now may the best Western rider win!" announced Will, making him stallion Jimber rear up.
"Or the best dressed Western rider." joked Bailey. "Grow up Bailey!" moaned Sarah.
"Grow up Bailey!" Bailey mocked. "I'm glad we're doing the same routine so I can show you how it's done!!" bragged Bailey out loud.
"Quit arguing you two! You're upsetting Calypso!" snapped Molly. "Your upsetting my stomach." groaned. "You're angry now? Wait till you see me ride!!" bragged Molly again. Then Zoey came up and watched behind the fence. "What are you doing here Zoey?" asked Will. "Looking for entertainment, looks like I found It." wondered Zoey out loud. "Did I miss anything?" asked Chloe walking in on a QH.
"Only about 3 weeks of practice!" answered Will.
"Oh don't worry! I've been practicing a bit on my own!" replied Chloe sweetly. "You traitor! You've been working out every day? You told me you were at the library!" snapped Zoey.
"I was so amazed you believed that!" Chloe replied. "Well if think your going to walk in here and win, you've got another thought coming, you know how awesome Pepper is!" bragged Zoey.
"Chili, Chloe's entering the Western competition!" meowed Angora. "Oh yaw! We're going to put those losers to shame!" Chili said happily. "Oh, one more thing," Angora said. "She's riding a new horse!" she purred and sauntered off. "What!" he snapped and Zoey then walked in. "C'mon Pepper! Lets go show em how it's done!" Zoey said grabbing Pepper's bridle.
"Okay then, first event the trail class! You riders will guide your horses through the kind of obstacles, you would find on a trail. You'll be judged of the obedience of your horse, and the accuracy of your form! First up is Sarah Whittney!" Will instructed, Sarah nodded and Scarlet trotted to the course.
"Sarah has to open and close the gate on her horse." Shep barked, telling the others. Sarah tried reaching for it first, Scarlet shot forward away from it. "Ha!" laughed Bailey. Sarah tried again and flapped the reins, and Scarlet backed up to the gate again, the she finally opened it, she back up and went through it and she closed the gate again.
"Alma's got to pick up that sack on cans." Shep barked again.  Alma tried grabbing the bag but Button trotted away from it. Next was Molly, she was signaling Calypso to go backwards around the poles.
"Good girl Calypso!" soothed Molly. After Bailey, Chloe rode up at a canter. She grabbed a dirty raincoat and had to put it on while riding!
"Never thought I'd see you in a dirty coat slick rain coat Chloe!" Will commented. "Victory at any sight cowboy!" she replied. "Come on Pepper, lets show em!" Zoey urged Pepper on. "Zoey, you can't expect a horse to do something it hasn't been trained for!" Will said.
"This is all your fault! Now I have like this, humongous blister on my hand!" Zoey accused Chloe. "Awwww poor you, let me see your big boo boo. That's not even there!" Chloe said. "It's under the skin! And it hurts!" yelled Zoey.
"You knew I'd beat you if I practiced, so you did it behind my back!" Zoey screamed. "Get real little sister, you know I'd beat you even if you practiced for a year!" bragged Chloe. "Then I want back that Chris Alter cd!" yelled Zoey. "There so horrible to each other....." Sarah said. "Next up, the reining classes." Will announced. "Lets go Aztec!" Bailey said and Aztec snorted. "Bailey wait!" Sarah said. "What are you tryin' to do, distract me?" he asked.
"No Bailey, I wanna wish you the best of luck." Sarah replied. "And remind you to keep your free hand to your side, I noticed you've been lifting it in practice lately." she reminded him.
"What are you tryin' to pull Sarah?" he asked. "I thought, it was awful watching Z and C treat each other with disrespect, and we've been doing the same." she answered. "You're right Sarah!" Molly agreed. "Even if meeting C A is the prize!" replied Alma. "I'm so sorry I said those things to you!" Molly apologized to Alma. "It's okay! It was worth it!" forgives Alma! "So you kids givin' up? You might as well do so!" Chloe said.
"No one is giving up." replied Sarah.
"Yeah Bailey! Go get em, andele!" Alma called out. "Beautiful Bailey!" "Nice job!" "Keep it up!" they encouraged.
"Woo, you go girl, you can do it Alma!" Sarah said! Molly galloped from side to side of the arena and Calypso halted and skidded sorta and Molly threw her hat in the air.

"Okay quiet down if you wanna hear who is going to the Nationals!" Will said, and they all went silent! "Thanks to our most wonderful and most upexpected preformance, Chloe Stilton!" he announced. "Woo hoo!" she hopped.
"Way to go Chloe!" Sarah said. "Thanks! Where did everybody go?" she asked. "What do ya say that I can get my new boom box and we can listen to some hot C A cds?" Sarah suggested.
"We might as well, thats probably gonna be a close to like ever!" Molly answered. They burst into giggles! Later the next day, while everyone else was working, Chloe came back. "Chloe!" Alma said.
"How did the Junior Nationals go?" Molly asked. "I lost." she answered
"Oh Chloe I'm so sorry!" Sarah said. "But what we really want to know is..." Molly started. "Did you get to meet C A!?" Alma finished!
 "Oh my gosh! What a huge let down, first off his go was there. Second, they were both old! He was at least 30!" she complained. "And he played a country song! It was hideous!!" she yelled. "What are you talking about?" Alma asked. "Dudette, we love country now!" Bailey said. "Hey, lets bring out the boom box!" Sarah suggested. "NO!!" Chloe screamed and laughed then ran away. They all laughed!

      ***Author's note: Thanks to Glambrat32 (me), BFFLs4Life!, Horsegirlluv, Buttermilk333, Moona, and MyBabyJewel, this story was possible to happen! Thanks for helping guys!***