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Horse Crazy: New, but Bad - Chapter 4 -- Click to read part1, part2, part3
By: Chelsea2
Age: 11

“Shooter would!” said Madeline and Jorydn.
And the girls all got off the bus.
“See you after school!” yelled Chelsea as she walked in to the school and to her locker.
“Bye!” they called
First Chelsea walked to her teacher and handed her the homework.
“Chelsea would you like to show what you have?” asked the teacher
“Sure.” Said Chelsea as she walked to get the bag Jordyn as holding up. “Will this is my Show jumping ribbon, and this here is barrel racing, role bending, cattle roping, and CC and dressage.” Said Chelsea as the pulled out the ribbons. And walked back to her seat.

~*After school*~

“Trail ride?” asked Madeline
“Yea!” said Chelsea, “or Jordyn, do you have homework?”
“Yea, sorry, I’m going in side to do it.”
“Ok, we’ll wash Rosie, Shooter, and Twilight.” Said Madeline
“Thanks.” Said Jordyn as she walked away.

The girls get the horses washed and where drying them off when there was a loud BOOM! Outside.
“What?” asked Madeline
“Lets go look!” said Chelsea
 And the girls looked outside and Mrs. C was unloading 3 new horses.
“HI girls, can you, and Jordyn look after these horses?” she asked
“Yea, but why?” asked Madeline
“These are your new lesson ponies.”
“Our?” asked Jordyn as she walked out.
“Will, you will give some riding lessons, your 3 on your horses and 3 others riders and these 3 horses.”
“Oh, ok” said the girls, “but, who’s is who’s?”
“Jordyn, meet Flower.” Said Mrs. C as she unloaded a light brown horse with what looked like a flower, if you looked hard. Who was a mare.
“Wow!” said Jordyn, “So close to Twilight, but Twilight is prettier”
“And Madeline, this is Strawberry.” Said Mrs. C as she unloaded a horse that was the color of a strawberry smoothie, and was a mare too.
“Cool! Come on strawberry!” said Madeline as she lead Strawberry away.
“And for you.” Said Mrs. C, “this is Midnight Stream.” And unloaded a black horse with a few little stars on here forehead.
“Wow!!” said Madeline and Jordyn as then came to unload the tack.
“Now, these are your new horses. Or, will you have some more horses. Take care of them good, and… give lessons on them, if the person doesn’t have a horse of there own.” Warned Mrs. C
“We will!” said all the girls
“Ok, off you go!” said Mrs. C and handed Chelsea Midnight Stream’s tack.

“Ok, lets go for a ride!” said Jordyn.
“No, we need to let them get use to there new home, we can ride Rosie, Twilight, and Shooter though.” Replied Chelsea
“Fine… Your right.” Said Madeline and put down Strawberry’s bridle.
“Ok! Them we tack up Twilight, Rosie, and Shooter!” said Jordyn loud and the horses look at her.
“Good with me!!” said Madeline
“Hurry up!” said Chelsea as she came out of the tack room with Shooter’s tack and tacked him up. “Bet you there!”

And the girls cantered away on their horses, and when they got to the forest and to town they found out something.
“Come on! Lets get some new saddles! Mrs. C said that they only can be ridden is English!” said Madeline

And Chelsea got a black Saddle, bridle, silver saddle pad and halter, Jordyn got a brown saddle, bridle, green saddle pad, and halter, Madeline got brown saddle, bridle, and a pink saddle pad, and halter.

~*The next day after school*~

“New, can we ride them?” asked Madeline to Chelsea
“Yes!” said Chelsea
“Good!” said a voice from behind
“Who’s there?” asked a fearless Jordyn ready to kick the person
The girls turned around to see the boy Chelsea likes standing behind them.
“Hi!” he said, “Can I ride with you?”
“Sure, who would you like to ride?” asked Madeline
“I have my own horse here.” He said
“Will, your horse must be sad, all alone.” Said Chelsea thinking about the poor horse.
“No, I have him beside my crush’s horse.”
“Oh…” said Chelsea looking at Madeline then Jordyn.

And the girls walked to Flower, Strawberry, And Midnight Stream.
“I’ll go get my horse and meet you at the first clearing.” He said as he walked away.

When they all where there. They started talking.
“…Yea, this is Flower.” Said Jordyn
“She looks nice!” he said
“This is Strawberry.” Madeline said
“And this is Midnight Stream.” Said Chelsea
“Cool, this is Beau (Boo)!” he said
“Nice” said the girls
“Come on lets go back to the barn! Race you!” he yelled
“Ready!” yelled Madeline lining Strawberry up with the other horses
“Set!” yelled Jordyn
“Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” yelled Chelsea as the hoses took off, with Midnight Stream, Strawberry, and Flower in the lead. And they all tied at the barn.
“I see you want to know there past.” Said Mrs. C as she walked out of the barn door
“Yea… can you tell us?” asked Jordyn playing with Flower’s mane
“Will, Flower was a race horse-“
“WHAT!!!!! A race horse?” asked Jordyn looking at Flower who, what looked like nodded.
“Yes, and Strawberry was a show jumper.”
“Oh, that is how she jumps so good.” Said Madeline
“Yea, and Midnight Stream, Sire, Can you guess?”
“Sire, I don’t know, dam, no idea!” said Chelsea
“Sire- Funny Cide Dam- Eight bells” Replied Mrs. C
“Wow!!” said Madeline
“Now, go make out an new trail… Just you will know of for your lessons and to get away.” Said Mrs. C
“Got it!” said jordyn as the cantered off with the others behind her, leaving the boy Chelsea liked at the barn
“They’ll be back by tonight.” Said Mrs. C
“Ok, thanks. I’ll got but Beau away, at the barn from across the street.”

The girls had marked out there trail and where back at the barn with the kids they where giving lessons to.
“… And you put your foot here” Said Chelsea
“Ok” said the kids and did that as Jordyn and Madeline walked up.
“Then you put you swing you leg up and over the horse, and you are sitting in the saddle!” And all the kids did that.
“Good,” said Jordyn, “But we have a problem.”
“What?” asked Chelsea
“Shooter, Twilight, AND Rosie are missing!”
“No!” Yelled Chelsea
“Yea, I’ll have to take the kids on the other horses.” Said Mrs. C
“Oh, Ok.” Said the kids and dismounted
“Thanks!” said the girls as they mounted and cantered away.

An trail they slowed down to look for hoof tracks.

“There!” Yelled Chelsea as she pointed to the ground, and looked at the tree she rained in Midnight Stream under.
“There tracks! And Rosie’s mane!” Said Jordyn
“Look!” said Chelsea, as she was 3 horses walk a few yards away.
“Rosie!” Said Madeline as she asked Strawberry to walk and Strawberry nicker to her, and Rosie nickered back, but Shooter snorted and she walked to him.
“Twilight!” said Jordyn as Flower trotted to Twilight, and the 2 nickered and Shooter brought Twilight back to the little herd.
“Shooter!” Said Chelsea who had walked over to him and took a fist full of mane and pulled her self up.
“Walk!” said Madeline to Midnight Stream and lead her to Shooter.
“Good girl.” Said Chelsea as she talked to all the horses as Rosie and Twilight let Jordyn and Madeline get on them.
“Lets go!” said Jordyn as she kicked into a canter and Flower following behind.
“Yea, but lets go slower, you go first, and Shooter and I will take the back with Midnight Stream.” Said Chelsea as Madeline pasted her to follow behind Flower, as Chelsea took the back.

“Help! Help!” yelled Chelsea from the back.

Madeline and Jordyn turned to see Shooter rear and Chelsea fall of, and Rosie and Twilight do the same and all the horses fall, they drop the rains of Flower, Strawberry, and Midnight Stream. And all the horses gallop off.
“Now what?” asked Chelsea as she took off her helmet and But it back on.
“I Donna.” Replied Jordyn
“I know! We walk to the barn!” said Madeline

When the girls got the barn and told Mrs. C what happened she gave them lesson ponies to go look on.
“… Go in the Morning. Madeline, you get to ride Hope. Jordyn ride Faith. And Chelsea, you ride Love.”
“Love! I get to ride Love?” asked Chelsea as she walked to a palomino shire mare with what looked like a heart on her forehead.
“I get Hope!” said Jordyn as she walk to a little brown Welsh mare that was very close to death.
“And I get faith!” said Madeline as she walked to a White welsh mare.
“Go quickly in the morning.” Said Mrs. C as the girls where finished looking at there new horses.
“Why?” asked Chelsea talking for all the girls
“I’ll tell you, set down!” When the girls where sat down on the hay bales Mrs. C told the story.

Hope you like it! Read the next one to see what the story is!
Chelsea2 & frosty