June Story Contest

Club Pony Pals Adventure
By: Nat2
Age: 9

spellcheck painting
(Inspired by the painting “Landscape with Pony” by Spellcheck and is also for sale at Klines!)

One day an appaloosa pony was in his pen on a farm in the mountains.  His owners were very nice, but he didn’t want just grazing and sleeping by his mother, he wanted adventure!  So one night, when his mother was asleep, he snuck out on to the jut of rock that was right outside of the pasture fence.  He took a few steps to the ledge and peeked over. His head shot up; he staggered back; his head was swimming.  He looked over again and saw dark, dark, dark.  He kicked a rock over and watched it fall until the darkness swallowed it.  Then he ran down the mountain until his sides were heaving and he was panting; he walked a few feet and collapsed.  He sat for a while then started down the mountain again.  He was going at a lively pace, but he was getting tired so he stopped to hunt out a spot to sleep.  He found a small clearing and flopped down.  He sighed and laid his head down and closed his eyes.
It was cold that night and the colt’s mother was worried for her baby, where was he!  She shivered under her blanket.  ”He was here last night,” she said, “but... he was talking about going down the mountain... oh no!  My poor baby!”

The colt shivered; he was cold.  He snuggled closer to... his mother, she was gone!  His head whipped around; he was bleary eyed and could not see.  He saw blurry shapes and shadows; green blobs seemed to move toward him.  He jumped up, scared... he heard something!   Aooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  A wolf!  The air filled with a ghostly howl that chilled him, and crawled up his spine to his head and stopped, making a tingling sensation that made him shiver.  

Then he saw them, a pair of emerald eyes shimmering in the darkness.  He heard a noise, a growl that rumbled up from the blackness beyond. He gathered up all his courage and reared.  Neighing shrilly he charged the darkness.  He hit something and then he stomped at it, striking out wherever he heard a growl.   He heard a loud howl, then paws hitting the ground as something ran.  The sound was not getting farther away, but closer!  It called to the others to run and they did. The colt was exhausted and limped back to the clearing, tripping and falling on the soft, grassy ground. His eyes closed and he breathed a sigh, then fell asleep. 

When he woke up the next morning he stretched his legs and was startled that one of his back legs hurt.  He got up and started grazing.  His leg was throbbing now.  He knew he had to go home, so he started up the mountain at a slow pace.  He soon saw the farm and ran towards it, neighing all the way.   When his mother saw him, she whinnied and galloped toward him.  Jumping the fence, she ran to her baby, who whinnied and nuzzled her chest.  Then, united at last, the two walked back to the farm.