May Story Contest

Time Piece Arabians Stable part 1
By: Jennifer45611
Age: 12

"No!" yelled Mya as her halflinger Stanley, cantered down the driveway, headed straight for the busy road! "Dani! Grab a bucket of oats and Stanley's halter, please!" Mya shouted into the tack room, where Daniella was cleaning her saddle and bridle while her saddle pad was in the wash.
"How did he get out?" said Daniella as she ran up to Mya, with Stanley's light greed halter and lead rope, plus a blue bucket a quarter of the way full of oats. "Don't know, but we better get him before he get's run over!" yelled Mya as they jogged over to Stanley, "Here Stanley, I've got oats!" crooned Mya, at her voice Stanley turned his head and trotted over, stuck his head in the buck and ate all the oats, when his head was out of the bucket, and covered in oats, Daniella slipped the halter over his velvety muzzle and around his soft ears then buckled the strap and clipped the lead on, then handed him to Mya and took the bucket back to the barn to be washed.
"Phew!" panted Mya as she led Stanley into the barn and started to groom him for her and Daniella's lesson later that day. "Gonna go grab Alsace!" said Daniella, as she pulled her, now perfectly white, saddle pad out of the wash and into the dryer.
"Kay!" answered Mya, Daniella went and grabbed Alsace's dark blue halter and lead, and some horse muffins she made herself, and headed out to the meadow to get Alsace.
"Hey boy." whispered Daniella as she slipped the halter on his head. Alsace, like all the other halflingers, was crazy about the grass this time of year, so it was hard to keep his head up.
"Coming in!" Daniella shouted and she led her halflinger past Stanley and out to the rail just outside the barn, and started grooming him.
"Stanley! Blow out, will you?" came Mya's muffled voice from the other side of Stanley, he just learned how to suck in and hold his breathe so that when we got to the mounting block we would have to tighten it all over again,
"It's okay for now, but when we get to the arena tighten it." replied Daniella. "I am done!" said Daniella as she strapped the last hole on her black girth and lengthened the stirrups on her black saddle, then got out her black bridle and started down to the arena with Mya and Stanley right behind her. They got to the mounting block and Mya tightened Stanley's girth, then they got on, ready for their lesson!