May Story Contest

The Midnight Mystery part 1
By: Scoutgirl
Age: 12


Hi, I'm Mackenzie but you can call me kenzie or kenz. I am 13 years old. I am an adventurous teenager who’s not afraid of anything. I absolutely love horses.  I have one brother who is 17. His name is Jake. My family and I own a huge ranch that is 75 acres. On it we have around 50 horses, we use them for rodeos, to rent them out, selling, therapy, occasionally breeding and just riding for fun. We have 30 stalls and run-ins for each pasture. We live in the middle of no where. We grow our own hay and food and at the very edge of the cleared land for pasture is a small forest. It is our land but we don’t use it. Now here is a story about the midnight mystery.

I lay in bed trying to sleep.  Even though I was super tired there was something wrong. I felt funny inside, and the horses in the pasture were acting kind of funny. I decided to read until I could fall asleep. I turned on my reading lamp and grabbed my favorite book: Misty of Chincoteague. I had read it so many times I could almost memorize it. I drifted to sleep while reading it; and dreamt of phantom the wild horse no one could ever catch. I dreamed of wild horses and the herds, and how mean people were to capture them to sell. All of a sudden I woke with a start. There was a furious neigh coming from…. From… somewhere outside I couldn’t tell. I hoped my parents hadn’t heard it, I didn’t think they had or my brother-everyone in my family is a really heavy sleeper and I am positive they are asleep. I put on my jacket, ran downstairs and opened the fridge; we just bought some apples so I grabbed one and headed outside with shoes already on.

I ran to the barn, opened the big door quietly and went to a stall. It was my horse’s stall she was a stunning pure black mare. I wasn’t quite sure what breed but I loved her. I hid the apple and brushed her quick then tacked her up.  I mounted and we walked away from the house. When we were a little bit away we started to gallop (I wanted to be sure no one heard me). I went towards the pasture and we jumped the fence.

I slowed her to a canter and then a trot. I checked every horse in this pasture they were all fine. I jumped each fence and checked each pasture-all of them were fine. I got to my last one the one that was closest to the forest. All of a sudden Amazing Grace (my horse) halted. She gave no warning but just halted suddenly and stared into the distance. This was when I realized it must be in this pasture.  I looked where she was looking and saw two golden red eyes. I looked harder and made the shape of a horse. I lead grace over to a tree where I tied her up. I walked with no hesitation toward this horse.

It whinnied and I brought out the apple. I walked slowly forward so as not to spook it. I pulled out of my jacket pocket a rope which I tied into a lasso.  The horse couldn’t go any further because there was a fence; but the fence was old, weak and broken inn some places unluckily it was broken where he was. He noticed the lasso and spooked running into the forest. I hopped the fence and hid the lasso. I noticed him slowing down so I quickly spun the lasso around my head and tossed in his direction.

I got him! I got him! I was so surprised and happy. I shortened the rope a little and he started to struggle he was trying to get away. I remembered the apple and got it out. He smelt it and stopped struggling he walked slowly carefully towards me I slowly moved backwards coaxing him back.  he gave in and took the apple, we walked over to grace and I hopped on her back. I thought for a minute. Dad and mom won’t want a wild horse and especially wont want me near it. I have to keep you a secret, I have to.  I dismounted. Kenzie took the mustang over to a fence and tied him up tightly. She  hopped on grace and galloped back to the barn. I grabbed some fences that were stored away 2 years ago and never used, most likely forgotten about thought kenz.

She tied a rope around them and got on grace, realized the fences would make a path, dismounted and got out the cart. We use the cart in the pastures all the time no one will notice. She loaded the cart, hopped on and went back to the edge of the forest where the mustang was.

What will happen to the mustang, will her parents find out? Will she find a place to keep him? Find out in the next part of the story! Thanks to everyone! ~scoutgirl