May Story Contest

The Black Pony part 1
By: Taylor***
Age: 11

“You will love it in Oakridge!” said my father turning is his seat to look at me from the passenger seat.
My grimaced and said in an angrily, flat voice, “Why would I? Sell my horse, Make leave my home, Leave my friends and my life oh why wouldn’t I be happy?”
I glared out the window and sighed. We were stuck in some little town in Colorado I had to leave my pony dancer because of my father’s job. My dog Luke got to come with me at least so I guess that made things better.
We pulled up the driveway to our new house. Even though I hated it, the house was amazing it had a large 3 story log cabin, a large barn, four pastures, a hot walker, and a large sandy out door arena from the looks by just the outside. Hurriedly, I ran inside the house. We had not brought anything with us for my mother and father had already moved everything. I placed Luke in a small kennel I found in the kitchen and hurried outside to the barn.  
Surprised I saw a girl working in a large indoor arena with a beautiful black Arab/welsh. She had a crop and was smacking him with it over and over again then she yanked on the bit and got of leaving him there in a sweating heap. She rushed past me angrily and left in a shiny SUV. Quickly, I walked to the pony and let out my hand. He shyly sniffed it and snorted. Once I untacked him, gave him a good brushing and walked him out, I put him in the pasture and filled up the large water tank.
The pony galloped over and drank and drank and drank. When I went to bed that night, I thought about the pony. Who was his owner and what was wrong with her?