May Story Contest

Seabiscuit Speaks: War Admiral vs. Seabiscuit
By: Paint the Wind
Age: 10

I could sense the black horse’s anxiety as we stood there; waiting for the bell to ring. It was silent for a moment. Then the bell rang and my jockey urged me faster than the black colt. I did as he wanted and I burst along the track. I loved the wind in my mane, my hooves barely touching the ground, being ahead of my opponent.  Then my jockey asked me to slow down. That was confusing, but I slowed down. A few strides and the black horse and I were neck to neck, heads snapping up and down together, legs stretching out and folding in. I stared the horse in the eye. “Think you can do it?” I teased. To my surprise the black colt’s tongue shot out and he started to slow down. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. The jockey upon me told me to go faster, as I did. By the 8th furlong my mind was screaming stop, but I did not stop. I was gasping for breath, running, running, running. My heart was pounding as I fled across the finish. My jockey slowed me to and we turned to the Winner’s Circle. Later, I trotted round and round my stall. I was happy. Why should I not be? On November 1st, 1938, I had defeated War Admiral, son of the great Man O War.