May Story Contest

Pony Pals in Danger part 1
By: Misty808
Age: 10

'Hi' shouted Lulu and Anna in unison.
There friend Pam Crandal had just ridden off pony pal trail.
'Hey guys'! Pam replied. 'I just got permission to go on an over night trail ride' she continued, pointing at her bulging saddle bag.’ But on one condition...That your parents let you come too!!! 'She added laughing. 'Go, Go ask your parents whether you can come!!' Instructed Pam as
she jumped down from her pony Lightning. While Lulu and Anna are asking for permission I will tack up their ponies. Pam thought to
herself as she jumped down from Lightning. A few minutes later Lulu and Anna appeared complete with their gear and saddlebags. Together the girls went off to plan what to do.

By 1:00pm the pony pals had hit the trail and were headed towards the Wiggins Estate where they had arranged with Ms Wiggins to camp on her property. They reached camp at 5:45 and had just enough time to untack, feed and bed the horses down in their special corral before the sun began its decent from the sky giving way to night time. They ate their specially prepared meal (from off main diner Anna's mum's Cafe!) than played a couple of games of cards finally at 10 to 10 they collapsed in their beds and almost immediately fell asleep. It had been a LONG day!!!!!!!

At around 3:00am in morning Lulu was jerked awake..."Ahh what was that?" she thought aloud.Her friends also woke at the sound.
"Hey you guys I think it's raining outside!" observed Pam thoughtfully.
"And I think it's going to turn into a storm any minute!", adds Lulu matter-of-factly.
"So we better MOVE!!!!!" says Anna..."And quick!!" she adds.

Fast as a flash of lightning they tacked up their horses and gathered any supply's they could carry.Pam mounted Lightning and set off,the others following in suit.

Just than the first flash of lightning lit the sky like a firework. Snow White spooke,d but Lulu is ready and totally under control. Then came the thunder ,Acorn spooks this time but Anna isn't ready...She fell forward onto Acorn's neck but quickly regains balance.The pony pals continued,faster with every step.The girls all knew that if they stayed in the forest much longer they would be putting them and their ponies in a lot of danger of being struck by the fierce lightning.

Pam starts to gallop.
"I don't know which way!" yells Pam over her shoulder, "Bring Acorn to the front!" She yells again.
"Ok" yells Anna over the roar of the wind and the bang of the thunder.
She rides Acorn to the front and lets Acorn show them the way.
Suddenly Lulu screams than all goes quiet except the storm...
"Lulu" screams Pam desperately.
"Lulu are you alright?"Pam had stopped now and was kneeling beside Lulu.
"Lulu", Pam sobbed between tears.
Lulu didn't answer...
Find out what happens in next months story contest!!!