May Story Contest

Horse Not Camp
By: lolle359
Age: 11

“I know a place where we can be safe, but we can’t bring the horses” I said.
“But we can’t leave Midnight and Spirit alone” cried Millie my twin sister.
“I’ll stay with them,” said Edi my adopted older brother.
“I’ll stay too” said Allison our friend.
“My plan was for me to show you where it was then to come back here” I said.
We were meant to be on holiday but it was a trip gone wrong the horse camp. We were meant to be staying the week at ended up to have closed but our parents had already left me, my sister Millie, my adopted brother Edi, my adopted sister (also Ed’s sister) Naya and our friend Allison at a horse camp which doesn’t open for another two weeks with only a few snacks and a run down phone, ha we don’t seem to be very lucky.
“I’m the oldest, Becky and I’m staying” said Edi.
Did I forgot to say my name, I’m Becky Smith and well I’m only Becky’s Smith. No one else even if I look a bit like Millie I'm not her and never will be in, less some sort of magic thing happens and we get put into one body, which I’m pretty sure WON’T happen ever, anyway back to the story in hand.
“This is my fault I found the camp online and I didn’t check the date” I said.
“Becky it’s not your fault, it’s the sites fault for not displaying the date better” said Millie trying to sound strong but I knew she was breaking down and that she was wrong I saw the date fine I just didn’t remember it so I just guessed it because this is the time must camps start. My friend Julie is going to a camp tomorrow and my other friends Maggie and James went to space camp yesterday so today would make sense wouldn’t it? And I packed another stuff for two nights but not two weeks, I guess all camps are different.
“So where is the place anyway?” asked Allison.
“There’s this kids tree house place about ten minutes walk from here but there’s no where for Midnight or Spirit to spend the night” I replied.
“I remember that, mum and dad took us there about three or four years ago” said Millie” It’s a perfect place for us to stay and we made friends with some of the people there”.
“You see it’s going to be fine as long as we find somewhere to put the horses” I said.
"The stables here,” said Naya, we all turned to her.
“That’s a great idea, if we can get into the stables that is” I said.
“And we could take turns staying over night here” said Allison.
We all walked towards the stables to see if they were locked and they were...

To be continued