May Story Contest

Brodie and the Three Pieces of Cheese
By: Elise597
Age: 10

One sunny afternoon a girl called Annie was doing her homework until
she said "I'm hungry enough for 3 pieces of cheese."
So Annie went to the fridge and got 3 pieces of cheese then she sat down on the couch and her dog Brodie was wagging his tail like a helicopter.
Then she said "Brodie your very cute but your not getting my 3 pieces of cheese". And as she finished her first piece of cheese and started her next one Brodie then jumped on the sofa and then she said "Brodie your very cute and very cheeky but your not getting my 2 pieces of cheese."
Then as she started to munch on the last piece of cheese Brodie finally sat down on her lap and she thought he was behaving himself, so she game him the other half of her last piece of cheese.

The End