May Story Contest

Best Friends
By: Echo321
Age: 13

"Bad day at School?" Mama said to me as I walked through the door.
"Yes mama, I want to have atleast one friend at school. No one would would talk to me. I have been there for 3 weeks and I havent made one friend. "
"I promise you will make a lot of friends, Honey" mama said. I was the only child. I never really acted like a brat.  All I really wanted was a best friend.
It was close to Christmas.
"Mama!" I said. " Can I have a pony for Christmas?" 
"I will have to talk  to your papa about that." she said. I was hoping for a Pony. I loved ponies and horses.
It was winter break.
"Only 2 more days till Christmas!" I said." I asked mama if I was able to get a pony.
"I'm sorry honey." I talked to papa and he said we don’t have the money for a pony."
I said ok.
I ran up stairs to my room. I was crying all night. I said to my self, don’t worry I will have a best friend.

It was Christmas Eve. And it was time to go to bed.
"It's Christmas! Every one wake up!" I said yelling down the hall with joy.
It was my turn to open presents. There was this huge box. Opened it. There was tissue paper. I took all the tissue paper out. There was a big plastic pony inside. I though it was cool.
"Time to Eat" Mama said. Mama, Papa and I were eating, then I went outside to play in the snow. Then As I walked out I Saw Him. He was there. My horse! I yelled with Happiness. My mama and papa were standing outside and said Merry Christmas. I was Crying with joy. His name was Echo he was Buckskin, Arab. I finally got my best friend. This was the best gift ever!