May Story Contest

Ajax's Herd
By: Arabluv
Age: 11

    Hello, my name is Ajax. I’m a purebred Thoroughbred filly, I’m not sure, but I think I’m related to Secretariat. I’m a run-away from Rock ‘n’ Roll Farm up in London. The night I escaped from my captivity was the night of the barn fire. I guess to understand the story right; I’ll start from the beginning. I was a birthday gift to a little girl named Alice. I was a foal, she was seven. I guess it was the hugging, or maybe the “Pooky! Come here Pooky!” But I didn’t like Alice. By the time I was three, as I am now, I was broken in the most inhuman way possible, the rodeo. I don’t want to give you nightmares or whatever, I just want to say, I know what they do to bucking broncos. Well I was pacing my stall, wondering how I could move a loose panel on our pastures fence when I heard it. A click, it sounded like the click of a lead rope on a halter hook, now I know it was a cigarette lighter.  I heard Alice shouting “Mama! The barns on fire!” Then I completely lost it, I had vowed never in my life to do this but I shrieked and screamed. The timbers in the back of my stall fell apart and I took my chance, I galloped through the hole and into the night. I guess it’s a good thing I’m black.

     I didn’t eat, sleep or rest, I galloped day in and day out, past barns and lush pastures, ponds and lakes. I never stopped; I knew that Alice and her family would try to find me. One night, I galloped into a herd of bachelor stallions, and for the record, bad idea. A silver stallion named Zanzibar came to my rescue, he snuck me away, into the night. Three nights afterward, we charged into a field of sweet grass and horses, I grazed while Zanzibar and the lead stallion fought for the throne, and me. Zanzibar won and he and I ruled side by side. You may think my tale is done, but wait, rustlers came shortly after, and I was reunited with Alice.

To be Continued….