April 2009 Story Contest

Mystery Object-A Pony Pal Adventure! By: pepperrocks123         

         One day in Wiggins, Anna was riding her pony along the trail. She spotted something. She didn’t know what it was, though. She asked her pony to move forward, forgetting about the strange object.
            That week, Anna told Lulu and Pam about what she saw. “It was odd...it was also green.” Pam joked about it. “It was probably something you were imagining. Or it was a stupid boy, trying to trick you! Ha!! What if it was?” Lulu was concerned, unlike Pam. “Maybe we should go check it out. We will ride our ponies out to the woods where Anna was riding. Then, we may find out if ‘the object’ is something we should be worried about.” “That’s a really good idea Lulu!!” said Anna. “We should go now, so we can see!!” The three girls hurried off to the barn to get their ponies.
            “What did the object look like again, Anna?” asked Pam riding her pony next to a big rock. “Well, it was behind that tree over there, and it was just standing there. Or, something like that. I wasn’t really paying attention to it.” The horses and riders went closer to the tree to find out Billy, a boy from Lulu’s neighbourhood was standing alone. “Are you OK??” asked Lulu franticly. “What? Who are you?” asked Billy. “Oh, it’s just you...why are you here?”  Anna answered, “Well, we are here because we are trying to find something. Something strange and green.” Anna looked at Billy. “Um... Billy? May I ask you a question?” said Anna. Lulu and Pam exchanged glances at each other. “Uh... have you seen anything big, odd, and sort of lime-greenish coloured?” Billy answered, “I haven’t seen anything, but I’ll help you guys look if you want.” “Pony Pal’s meeting!” Said Anna quickly. The girls rode their ponies into a huddled-pack. “Do you think we should, Anna? I mean-it’s your choice.” Said Pam. “Well, I think we should. Maybe he actually will be a help to us.” Added Lulu. “Ok, we will. Like Lulu said, he may help. Ok, let’s go tell him!” They went over to Billy. “Yeah sure. Whatever! You can help.” Said Lulu briefly.  “Let’s get started then!”
            They searched and searched, trying to find out what it was. But suddenly Lulu’s pony stopped instantly. Same with Lulu’s words. “BEAR!!! RUN!!” The children ran-and fast! There were ponies galloping, boys running-everything was a fright! When they were out of breath, they ended up in Mrs. Crandall’s yard. “What is all this noise!” asked Mrs. Crandall. “Um, we saw a bear. So we had to run!” Said Anna.  “Oh. Ok. I hope you guys are all right! Come in! Have some hot chocolate.”
            “I’m not going to continue looking anymore!” said Anna. “Same here!” added Lulu. “I’m not going to hang out with you guys anymore-especially in the woods!” said Billy. “Ha, ha, ha!!” Said all of them.  
            Now, the Pony Pals know that they aren’t going to go in the woods of Wiggins that late again!