April 2009 Story Contest

Escapee Ponies by Nyx

This is my make-believe story: 

My horse, Katie, got out of her paddock because she's good at jumping.  The next morning I saw only 1 of my ponies, Jade, and I had 4. Katie must have gotten Petunia and Storm out of the paddock too.

I groomed and saddled up Jade to find them, but I forgot that Jade was just old enough to be ridden because her birthday was just yesterday!

She started off on a canter and then a gallop. I pulled hard on the reins and she stop lickety-split. I almost went forward into the ground! The next thing I knew we were in a beautiful meadow. My two friends were there with their own ponies. I call them my Pony Pals like the book.

Raven was on her brown, well-behaved pony, Sunny, and Faith on her chestnut pony, Lilly. They both said, "What are you doing with Jade? Are you training her?"
"No. I’m riding her to find Katie, Petunia, and Storm. They got out last night. I don't know why.”

My friends just sat on their ponies thinking.

"Raven, do you have an idea?"

"No. Faith, do you have an idea?"

"Yes! I do have an idea. What do Katie, Petunia, and Storm love all together?"

"Hmmm... I remember! They love to go to your paddocks! They must miss Jewel and your ponies you're riding right now!”

“Well then, let's go!" Raven said.

We started at a canter then went into a gallop.

There, in the paddock were 4 ponies. Storm, the gray one, Petunia, the yellowish one, Katie, the black one, and Jewel, the reddish one.

"They must have missed us and her."

"Yeah. Fiona, you should come here more often. And get a higher paddock gate while you're at it.” 

We all laughed. I took my ponies home to their paddock. I was very tired. I unsaddled Jade and groomed her. I put her in the paddock for the night. I went to bed saying to myself, "This day was fun."

The End