April 2009 Story Contest

Being a horse by CrazyCami13

I have never really given much thought on what it would be like to be a horse.  Well, my friend Summer and I are horse geeks so before leaving to go to our lesson, we got my halter and pretended to be one of the crazy horses at our ranch named Sandy.  I tried to put the halter on Summer (who was playing Sandy) but she kept on bucking and biting.  It was so much fun and hilarious!!!

It's one of those moments that I will never forget that happened with my friend!!! :) 
If I had a rider on my back telling me what to do, I would do my best to listen to my rider and try to be the best horse possible.  But if she kicks to hard on my barrel or does something mean to mean or says mean comments, I would be in my own world and not do anything at all!!!  :(

Sorry!!!  It depends what mood my rider is in in order to make it comfortable and enjoyable not uncomfortable and awkward!!!  It all depends on the rider and their mood!!! :)