April Story Contest

Zephyr’s Herd - Part 4
By: Chelsea2
Age: 11

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The herd talked around with the foals playing tag with Blue Moon.
“Yes, that is how I rolled. But now I’m here, if you keep me.” said Black Sunset.
“What do you mean, ‘if we keep you’?” asked Midnight
“Never min-“ started Black Sunset as Zephyr yelled that it was time for bed.
“Black Sunset, Sorrow, Blue Moon, your first job, keep guard tonight,” said Zephyr, and they all went to here bed to go to bed.
“Night, Oscar, Cindy, Snowstorm, Dance.” Said Midnight as she layed down beside them and Zephyr.
“Night Midnight.” Said Zephyr as he fell asleep
“Night.” Midnight said back.


Zephyr gets up too see Black Sunset rearing at a stallion, He gallops over. “It’s ok! It’s Storm!”
“Zephyr!” breathed Storm.
“What do you want?” asked Zephyr looking at his friend.
“My herd… new herd… new herd said… they would… take over… all the herds! Help!”
“Black Sunset, Sorrow, Blue Moon, Sugar! All of you come with me!! The rest of you stay here and guard camp!” yelled Zephyr as his group gallops after Storm to his herd.
“Here!” said Storm as he came to a woody spot, and a horse reared up at him.

Zephyr yelled as he galloped at a big black stallion.
“Zephyr!” yelled a voice from behind him.
“Who there?” asked Zephyr as he waited for the horse to start fighting, or the others but they all stopped.
“Zephyr?” asked another horse in the group.
“Yes?” asked Zephyr trying to find out whom it was.
“Do you remember us?” asked the Stallion he was going to fight, as he turned around to face him he looked at his face.
“Zephyr!” Yelled Midnight as she Galloped to Zephyr with Snowstorm at her side with her other foals behind her.
“Midnight! I said to stay at camp, what if they come! Who will help Amber!?”
“Sorry! I had to make sure you where Ok!” she said as she touched his muzzle
“I’m fine! How are the others?”
“Fine!” said Real as she came to them.
“We all are fine!” said Amber following behind her.
“Good! I don’t want any of my Son’s herd members hurt!” said the first voice.
“Mom!” said Zephyr as he turned around to look at the white horse who stepped out to meet her son.
“Yes, it’s me, land the rest of your herd, that you grow up in, and the herd you should be leader of… Will you come back?”
“What about my herd?”
“They can mix in with the others-“
“Will they get the ranks they have know?”
“No, this is our herd, we will not let them take all the good ranks!”
“Please! Will you join us?” asked a mare as old as Zephyr.
“Sunshine, can you not make it so hard?”
“I’ll lead mare too! You can just me lead stallion, and we can have foals together!”
“Just say ‘yes’!” said Zephyr’s mother.

Look in the next story of what he says! Will he keep his herd, or will me move his herd in to his herd that he grow up in and his love when he was young is lead mare! What would you pick? Lets see if Zephyr picks the same as you!