April Story Contest

The Miracle
By: SadieT
Age: 8

Once upon a time, there were three ponies. Their names were Snowball, Snow White, and Snow Drift. They were best friends! They had very nice owners. Snowball’s owner’s name was Tiffany; Snow White’s owner’s name was Sophie; and Snow Drift’s owner’s name was Tena. The girls were very good friends, too.
One day, Tiffany took Snowball for a ride. They were gone all day. When evening came, they still hadn’t returned. Snow White and Snow Drift began to worry.
Tena came down to the barn. She had heard that Tiffany and Snowball were gone. She took Snow Drift out to look for them. When Snowball and Tiffany had been gone for two hours Snow White began to worry about them, too!
That night, Snow White couldn’t sleep at all. In the morning, Snowball and Snow Drift still hadn’t returned. Soon, Sophie came to the barn with a backpack full of safety stuff. She took Snow White on a ride to look for Snowball, Snow Drift, Tiffany and Tena. Every once in a while she stopped Snow White, got off, put up a marker (so they wouldn’t get lost,) stood, and listened.
All of a sudden, Snow White pricked up his ears, whinnied, and then galloped off. Sophie tried to stop him, but she couldn’t, so she just held on and hoped he would stop soon.
Finally, Snow White stopped in front of a big hole. Sophie heard voices.
“Tiffany! Tena!" she yelled.
“We’re down here in the hole!” they both said together.
Sophie lay down next to the hole and saw Tiffany, Tena, Snowball, and Snow Drift six feet below.
“Are you okay?” Sophie asked.
“I think Tena has a sprained ankle, and I have a sprained wrist,” Tiffany answered.
“What about the horses?” asked Sophie.
“I think they’re just scared,” said Tiffany.
“I’ll call for help,” said Sophie as she took her cell phone out of her backpack and dialed 911. Soon an ambulance came screaming around the corner. A man ran out of it, went to the hole, and asked if they were okay. Tena told him that they were fine.
“You’ll be out of there in a few minutes,” said the man. Once they were safely out, Tiffany and Tena went to the hospital and Snowball and Snow Drift went to the vet to see if they were hurt. By then, Tiffany’s and Tena’s moms were there.
“You’re an angel,” Tena’s mom said to Sophie.
“Yes,” agreed Tiffany’s mom. “An angel.”
“It wasn’t me,” said Sophie. “It was Snow White. He’s the angel!”
“Come on,” said Tena’s mom. “Let’s go to my house and wait to see how Tena, Tiffany, Snowball and Snow Drift are.”
“Okay,” said Sophie.
They went to Tena’s house and ate cookies and milk while they waited for the results. A little while later the phone rang. Tena’s mom answered the phone in the other room.
“That was the doctor,” said Tena’s mom when she returned.
“How are they?” Sophie asked eagerly.
“Happily, their sprains are pretty light and that’s the only thing the doctors could find.”
“Good,” said Sophie.
A little while later, the phone rang again.
“Just a minute,” said Tena’s mom as she walked to the phone.
“That was the vet,” said Tena’s mom as she came back.
“What did he say?” Sophie asked anxiously.
“They looked three times but could find only scratches! It’s a miracle!” said Tena’s mom.
“Yes, a miracle!” said Sophie.

The End