April Story Contest

Clubponypals story club

by Hope and Gold dust

Spellcheck and midnight

Chillycat12 and wade

P2 and Serlock


Anyone is welcome to join you can also come on and chat on clubponys stories club thread. Thanks pals for your parts they are Great! Pony pal Hope~ Golddust~ Brego~ Arod


Lulu Sanders and Anna Harley walked to a paddock where their ponies, Snow White and Acorn, stood grazing happily. When Snow White saw Lulu, she trotted up to the gate.


Hello Snow White! Said Lulu, We are going to see our Pony Pals today!


Lulu looked up to see Anna chasing Acorn around the Paddock.


Lulu laughed to see energetic, curly-haired Anna chasing cute, curious Acorn. Finely, Anna pulled out a carrot and Acorn lost no time in coming back.


Hi, Lulu.


Hi, Anna.


Lulu turned to see Hope J. on her palomino pony, Gold Dust with Skittles and her pony Hoku


Hi! Said Skittles.


Hi! Said Anna and Lulu together.


Where is Pam? Asked Hope.


She should be here any minute, said Anna.


Hope and Skittles helped Lulu and Anna tack up.


About 5 minutes later, Pam Crandal rode up on Lighting. Hi! she shouted.


Hi! Said Anna, Lulu, Hope and Skittles in unison.


Then up came their other pony pal named Spell on her pony Midnight with another round Hellos.


The Pony Pals are going for a trail ride and a picnic, and then going to Pams for a barn sleepover.


They all mounted on their horses then Pam said "We are missing Laura! Let me call her" She took out her cell phone and dialed Lauras number when Laura picked up she told her to meet them there.


Laura finally showed up saying "I'm ready!"


She tacked up her horse named Wade and followed the rest of the girls on horseback through the trail they stopped near a shady tree and Pam said "This will be a great place for the picnic."


Anna said "I brought brownies and milk."


Emma took a brownie and milk.


Hope said "let's eat!"


After the picnic Emma said to Spell "I went to Olsons Pony farm."


Then they said "Tomorrow we can go to the animal shelter!".


Later as they cantered down to the barn, they put their ponies in the stalls and to set up their sleeping bags in Mrs. Crandals Office to sleep in. As they where unpacking, they talked about all the fun they were going to have when all of the sudden they hear what sounds like a frightened pony way out in the woods.


"What was that?!" Skittles asked anxiously.


"It sounds like a pony!" Said Lulu.


Out in this storm? Asked Anna


They all dropped what they were doing and ran outside. It was raining buckets.


"There is no way Midnight will tolerate a storm this bad; she hates water, and especially lightning," Spell said, looking discouraged.


"Don't worry, we'll get there somehow," Hope said, and they went back into the barn.


Spell tacks up Midnight anyway and mounts cautiously. "Come on, Midnight," she said soothingly.


"Don't worry" says Laura "I'm sure Midnight will be OK with her pony pals!"


"I hope so" whispered hope! And they all urged their ponies into a trot. The neighing led them towards the woods!