April Story Contest

Somoyed And The Three Unicorns - Book 4- Somoyed's Diary
By: Chedder
Age: 10

March 19. 2010 Chicago, Illinois
Today I found out that there is a place called Unitorpia. It was all in a big, dusty, book. It was really weird. Also, today for my birthday, Sunday got me this big diary. I love it!!! My hand is starting to hurt, so I am going to stop writing now.

March 20. 2010
CRY CRY! Today, Sunday said a to a girl named Gina, "you are my best friend.”.. Sniffles...
A little later today. I feel like this is all my fault. Sunday broke her poor little leg. It was because of Gina. If only I just talked to Sunday. BUT, the good news is me and Sunday are friends again. YAY!

March 21. 2010
Of course! Sunday didn't play with me again, cause she played with Rocky... AGAIN!!! She never play's with me anymore...

March 22. 2010 Augusta, Maine
I went to Maine with my dad for the week. We spent all night taking the plane here. It is really cool here, though. Sunday and her dad, and Charlie and her dad are coming tomorrow. It will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

March 23, 2010. Augusta, Maine
I found a baby jackrabbit!! I was walking around the hotel I'm staying at, and I found a jackrabbit in the trash can. It is so cute. Sunday will L.O.V.E it!!! Dad said it is sick, so we will keep it for a little bit. YAYAY!

March 24, 2010. Augusta, Maine
Today, right when I saw Charlie came off the plane, I remembered it was her birthday. I was so embarrassed when she talked to me. The only thing I could say was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!

March 25, 2010. Chicago, Illinois
I am back in Illinois. Of course, Sunday tried to sneak the baby jackrabbit with her. But, my dad made sure no one had the jackrabbit. Sunday was so S.A.D!!!
March 26, 2010. Chicago, Illinois -St. Joys. middle school
I went to school today. It was mine, Sunday's, Charlie's, Rocky's, and Italia's first day of middle school. It is a Christian school. Still, every kid who goes there says it is so boring!!! (I don't believe it's boring)

March 27, 2010 St. Joys. middle school
I AM GOING SO CRAZY!!! There is a rumor going around school, that the lunch lady burped up flames. A girl named Roberta claims she saw it, but people say around school "she is the school liar.” Don't believe it.=P

March 28, 2010 St. Joys middle school
Sunday is such a liar!!! I believed in it at first but its not true I bet. So, of course Sunday was elected cutest girl in school ALREADY! But, now she is saying that she got a dog. I don't know where she got that. BUT! She knows a lot about unicorns now...What if...Just what if Sunday got the magical dog, and she knows about Unitorpia...OH NO!

March 29, 2010 Chicago Illinois
I am thinking about writing different... How is this? NO! Cursive is too fancy. am going back too weird handwriting. Loopy is weird, slanty handwriting is better. =)

March 30, 2010. Chicago Illinois
I just went to Unitorpia an hour ago. The Enchanter and me were talking about Sunday a lot. It's weird, I never really talk about her but he sure knew a lot about her. MAYBE! He met her and she H.A.T.E.S me!!!

March 31, 2010. Chicago, Illinois
I lost all my pencils so I am using a blue colored pencil. Its so annoying. Yet pretty. So, I'm thinking about spying on Sunday tomorrow. Its rude, but I need too. Bye diary for now...

April 1, 2010. Chicago Illinois
Happy April fools day!!! (I got all my pencils back) I did a prank on Sunday
the girl Sunday not the day). Its an easy won that anyone would think of.
Ok, so, first I got a dollar from my wallet. Second, I tied it to Sundays door.
Third, I hid behind a chair. Then here is where it takes action. Sunday was
going outside in the morning to do her chores. Then she saw the dollar. When she bent down to pick it up, I ran up and gave her a wedgie! (Weren't expecting that, huh?) She yelled so much...She did cry, and then she ran to the phone and called Rocky. Next thing I know Rocky is outside waiting for her. She just runs out and leaves with Rocky... Both of them are a cry baby. (I tried this handwriting, but I don't like it).
A little bit later...
OMG!!! I was spying on Sunday and Rocky, and they went into Unitorpia... I followed them in. They got on Merry Dancer,and rode to merry gardens (a place to relax in Unitorpia). I watched them for a long time. First they would run around play tag I think. Then they would lay down and drink hot cocoa. I wanted to play with them so much! But that's not the point. I had the magical puppy. Well Sunday wasn't lying about the puppy. It was that dog that told them I bet.

April 2. 2010. Chicago, Illinois
Well I know some strange stuff now. I'm not going to be writing for a while now. So, diary it will probably be a couple of months until I write again... BYE!!!

Sunday put down the diary. She felt weird. "Why does she think I am a cry baby?" Sunday started crying a little bit. She heard someone outside, so she just ran out the back door.

Well that's the end for now. I hope you enjoyed my story. I worked really hard on it, so I hope you like it. My next story:
Saving The Unicorn Princess
Somoyed meets the unicorn Queen, King, Princess. The princess gets kidnapped though. Somoyed has to find The Princess and save the kingdom. Hope you like it...