April Story Contest

Rough to Soft and In Between
By: glambrat32
Age: 10

Lily: Lily is a sweet 17 girl, her horse is Melon, Lily helps her friends all the time.
Cassie: A 16 sweetie! Cassie is up for fashion and riding, her horse is Lightning.
Hailey: Just like her sister's Lily and Cassie, Hailey is a funny girl, and so happy to ride her horse Stormie!
Sarah: Sarah is the most quietest sister. She is 16! Her horse is Wind and she is funny and super at designing clothes!
Melon: Melon is Lily's horse, Melon is a Palomino mare. Her breed is Dutch Warmblood.
Lightning: Lightning is a chestnut stallion, he is Cassie's horse, his breed is Hanoverian.
Stormie: Stormie is Hailey's horse, Stormie is a black mare, her breed is Arabian.
Wind: Wind is a chestnut paint stallion, he is Sarah's horse his breed is Standardbred.
Other characters are not included.

The 4 sisters were up and so excited.
"I can't wait for this half day of school to be over!" squealed Lily, it was the last day of school!
"I know! 'm going to the mall then the stable we own!" said Hailey, she smiled happily, all the sisters had horses. They got on the bus and sat down where they always do, Sarah was quiet and she was drawing a rearing stallion in the rain, elegant, and amazing.
"Oh my gosh! Justin Morrell is so cool, and he loves horses!" Cassie said and Sarah looked.
"And your point is?" interrupted Sarah.
"My point is I want to date him!" Cassie snapped.
"Be nice Cassie, don't get an attitude." Hailey said turning to Cassie.

Later at school, they sat as the teacher, Mrs. Pauline spoke. "Okay class, we will now go to art, please line up single file please." They all lined up single file, some talked, some pushed, and some argued but Sarah didn't do anything, she was quiet. She thought about Wind as they came into the art room. Ms. Page, the art teacher, had drawn a wild horse bucking around. Sarah grinned at it.
During art Ms. Page said, "You are doing good everyone! Keep it up."
Sarah nodded and looked at Lily's drawing. "Nice horse you're drawing Lily, I'm drawing a wild horse with the wind blowing it's mane and tail."
"Thanks, you too." responded Lily, then school was over for the summer.
The sisters ran to the car and got in, they first went to the stables, Lily hugged Melon.
"Heya Melon! How ya doin' girl?" Melon whinnied happily and the other horses did too. Hailey ran to Stormie, Sarah walked to Wind, and Cassie jogged to Lightning. They tacked up and rode on the Windy Ways trail.
"I love the trails! The horses like it too," began Cassie, she continued, "ever since we rode them on the trails, they have been happy, happy, and happy!" Lily and Sarah nodded, it was true. They rode for a while and they untacked the horses and put them in the stalls,

"Time for the mall!" said Sarah happily, finally she was excited!
The girls arrived at the mall and they spread out, Lily went to the clothes part, Sarah to the book store. Hailey and Cassie went to JC Penny.
"Love this new designer label!" said Cassie hugging the dress. Sarah looked at the book, Black Gold, about a black stallion who was in races, but was put down when he broke his leg, she sighed.
"Too many books to choose from, and so much time." she loved books as you could see. Suddenly her eyes went over to a Canterwood Crest section, she grabbed the first book. "I could get one of each of the series!" she exclaimed grabbing one of each book. She paid for them and went to the cookie store. "One marshmallow sandwich cookie please," she begun "and add some M & Ms please."
"Sure thing." said the cashier.
Soon the girls met up again and sat at the mall bench in front of the book store.
"I can't believe we've done everything on our to do list! I mean seriously, it isn't even a week later!" groaned Hailey.
"Yeah and I wanted to stay here all day, but not happening now." replied Sarah.
Suddenly, Taylor Murray and her 2 most evil best friends Shanon Michelle, and Emily Light.
"Just got worse," started Cassie and slumped down into the bench "it is torture!"
"What are you wimps whining about? You are weasly wimps! Haha!" taunted Taylor flashing an evil smile at them and whizzed on by. Shanon and Emily stuck their tongues out at them.
"I'm so going to the newest place, a Make You Own Dress!" squealed Sarah looking at an area the just now opened up. She blazed off towards it and the others followed, smiling and happy, they had a LOT of fun!
"Hey, isn't that Ruby over there?" asked Cassie pointing at a honey blonde girl reading a book.
"Yeah it is!" Hailey answered. "Ruby!!" Lily almost screamed and she ran to her.
"Lily! Oh my gosh I can't believe I found you! How are the horses?" Ruby said.
"Awesome! We trail rided them a while ago, before we ran into Taylor and her evil BFFs", answered Lily looking around to see if Taylor was around. "Oh I bumped into them too, they are complete evils." Ruby said whispering because Taylor was watching from a distance,

Ruby and the others walked back to the car and they went to Ruby's house, only to spend the night!
"What should we do first, a game of Twister or making and eating our own cookies?" asked Ruby.
"Twister!!" they said chiming. "Okay Twister it is. Right hand on yellow!" Ruby said after spinning the spinner. The girls put their right hand on yellow, next left foot on red, which was on the other end. They stretched out and Lily fell first.
"Ooohh Lily fell!" said Ruby, then she spinned a left hand on green, then right had on blue, which was next to it. Then Hailey fell over, knocking Cassie down too.
"Pooey! I wanted to win!" pouted Cassie and she laughed! Sarah had won and they all made and ate cookies.
"Mmmmmm! Love it!!" they said, Ruby smiled and started eating.
They started drawing and they drew horses, Sarah's drawing was a rearing wild horse with a halter on, in a thunder storm.
"I like Sarah's." said Cassie peering over at Sarah's drawing.
"Yeah it looks good!" replied Hailey and Lily, they both laughed and Sarah said, "Thanks I like yours too."

Later on they listened to their iPod Touch and played games, watched videos, and did other things on the iPod Touch. Then the CPP chat was on, they logged in using a different laptop.
"Hi everybody!" they typed in and admin said back
"Hi Horsegirlluv, New Spring Evening, Pauline2434, Glambrat32, and Champion Rider Callie!"
"Hey guys!!!!!!" typed in Buttermilk333, and they all typed and had fun
"So what do you wanna do at your house Buttermilk333?" asked Pauline2434 on the chat,
"Play games, ride horses, and play more games LOL!" she answered. "Okay sounds fuuuuuuunnnnnn. I'm tired now *Yawns*" Pauline2434 said again and giggled.
Then Buttermilk333 said "*Throws pie and Horsegirlluv*" and Horsegirlluv said "*Tackles and eats hair*" they laughed and giggled till the chat was over.
"I wish it was still on." Hailey said "Me too." Cassie replied and plopped onto the carpeted floor. Lily found a fake tarantula and put it on her, Cassie looked and thought it was real "
AHHHHHHHHHH SPIDER!!!!!!!" she screamed and flung it off of her and Sarah laughed so hard, tears came to her eyes,
"That was funny!" she said.
"Was not!" complained Cassie.
"It was fake you ding dong!" Hailey said and laughed at Cassie still trying to run away from the fake spider. Cassie was a girly girl as you can see here LOL!

"I wanna tell a funny story," started Lily "Okay one time my teacher Ms. Pauley when she was 9, she wanted to pet Patty, a bird. But Pete, other bird, got mad he pecked her and she was scared of birds from then on! Then she was married and her husband brought a pet bird he had. It's name was Buddy, and one day he came home and said "What's up Buddy?" and the bird said "What's up?" and Ms. Pauley tried to say it and the bird said nothing. And then one day Ms. Pauley said "What's up Buddy?" and the bird said "Poopoo." Haha it was funny and the bird wasn't a boy, it was a girl!!! So Ms. Pauley got revenge and named it Daisy." "Hahahahhahaa!" giggled Cassie, Hailey, and Sarah! They fell asleep later. When they woke up, it was a warm sunny day, the river bed beside Ruby's house gleamed in the sunlight. The horses were frantic to get out. They tacked up and rode to the forest clearing that was a HUGE clearing with soft tall lush green grass and trees surrounded it. Butterflies fluttered around, and birds sang their gorgeous songs.
"It's beautiful!" said Lily dismounting Melon, and the others dismounted too to have a picnic there.
"Mmm, good pizza!" mumbled Cassie chewing the pizza.
"Yeah it's great." replied Lily to Ruby.
"Thanks, I made it myself." smiled Ruby and they called her 'Chef Ruby' for the rest of the day. But the fun wouldn't end there, they also went to the water park for a nice time. The water cooled them down and it felt refreshing.
"Ahhh, this is great!" said Lily floating on a rubber bed in the pool.
They giggled when Lily slapped a bug away from her face and she fell in, "Hehe!" said Lily after popping her head out of the water, they had a fun time. They went back to Ruby's house and showered up to get the chlorine off, then they had hot chocolate because it was getting cold by now.

Then they fell asleep for a while and woke up and 6:00 p.m. and got onto the CPP chat again.
"Hey again guys." said the admin.
"Hi!!" they all typed in.
"Is it cold where you are?" asked Buttermilk333.
"Yeah it's freezing now!!!" Pauline2434 said pretending to shiver, like a pirate LOL! Then chat was over again and they checked the W-Mail, Cassie replied to all hers and so did the others. Then they fell asleep waiting for the next week to come, it was riding camp, for 4 weeks that is how long their riding camp would last.