April Story Contest

Pro Pals: Showing Troubles
By: Famoushorse101
Age 10
By: ponyluv1999
Age 13

"Abby!!! I'm going to my very first show!" Screamed 10 year old Kati into the phone.
"OMG really? Me too!" Replied Abby, Kati's BFF back.
"Oh my gawsh, no way! Which one?" Asked Kati.
"I'm going to one at Sun Fall Valley! and it's August 1st, outdoor." Abby told Kati. There was silence on Kati side of the phone. "Kati? What's wrong?" Asked Abby carefully.
"Abby? That's the show I'm going to." Kati said unhappily.
"Kati, how is that bad? We get to compete together!" Wondered Abby aloud.
"That's just the thing, Abby. Together, and against each other." Kati said. Abby was crestfallen. The truth that Kati spoke was actually sinking in.
"Oh, Kati, I forgot!" Cried Abby in to speaker.
"Well, maybe it doesn't have to be bad! Let's make a deal. No hurt feelings if one beats the other." Kati said. "Deal?"
"Deal." Finished Abby.
"This is going to be great!" Said Kati.
"Zephyr will be so excited!" Exclaimed Abby.
They decided that they were going to have a barn sleepover, as long as it was okay with the barn owner where they boarded there horses. They both screamed as the owner, Mr. Pike said yes, he though it was a good idea. So the girls packed up their stuff and went over the Sunset Stables.
"We should plan out what things we are going to ride in for the show," said Abby.
"I'll go get the papers in the office," replied Kati.
Abby went down the ladder from the hay loft and went to go see Zephyr. She noticed he had a little cut, Abby wondered how he got it. "Kati, come quick", called Abby. Kati came rushing over. She saw the cut on his foreleg. "Hmmm.... I wonder where it came from."
They cleaned it up and put a small gauze over it and put blue wrapping around it. They gave their horses a little treat, planned out what they were going to do in the show, when they noticed two things. 1. They both wanted to do different classes for jumping, but equitation in the same class. 2. Zephyr was gone.


Note from author- Pro Pals is a series! Keep looking for more stories!!!