April Story Contest

By: Raven305
Age: 14

‘Cling, cling, cling’ is
What I hear. Not from
My pocket. Right by my side, following
Me, whining at me, close to talking. A faithful
Friend, a jogging partner. A teacher for responsibilities, a
Student for learning tricks. We have similarities, we have differ-
ences. I can’t understand her, but she understands me. Always alert,
A protector, a guardian angel. Acts like a mixed animal, she has the
Strength of an alligator, feline traits, and the sleekness of a fish
To slip through tight spots. Athletic as a greyhound, with her
Strong legs and bones. I’ve been with her since she was four
Months, teaching her on a leash to jump, and training
Her to sit, stay and beg up. When I call her by
Her name, all I hear is four excited paws,
Her ‘pant, pant, pant’ and her wonder-
ful ‘Cling, Cling, Cling!’ from her
Collar. Penny is loyal and my
Best friend. Penny the
Dog, MY DOG, and
Not the coin.