April Story Contest

Just a Dream
By: Thesoapgirl3
Age: 16

Your legs caress his flanks gently,
You’re bathed in silver light,
He nuzzles you contently,
While you enjoy his sight.

Looking in his eyes,
You see a gleam of pleasure,
What a surprise,
That no one can measure.

His mane whips around you,
The wind hits your face,
With peace and serenity,
Your fears are erased.

You tickle his lips,
And stroke his side,
You can't help but slip,
As one with him inside.
You touch his mane,
He fades away,
Oh where oh where,
Could he have swayed?

You open your eyes,
Residing in your room,
All gone with a fly,
Disappeared in its doom.

Tears run down your cheeks,
He was so real,
So beautiful so sleek,
What is the deal?

Those emotions so strong,
It wasn't what it seemed,
You must say so long,
’Cause it was just a dream.