April Story Contest

The Horses of the New World
By: horsekrazi
Age: 12

He raced himself to the shore
He could not wait to explore,
He shoved a flag into the sand,
We declare this our land,
The unknown he was yet to discover,
Many things to uncover,
His heart beat with joy,
He dreamed of this since he was a boy,
He marched through the dense beach grass,
When he heard a clap,
His eyes took away from his map,
It came over the sand dune,
As fast as a maroon,
Nickers and whinnies filled the air,
They galloped along with no care,
Their manes waved hello, hello,
Their eyes were mellow,
They came in sizes big and small,
Never had these horses seen a stall,
They were black, white, and brown,
Their tails swayed like an evening gown,
His eyes were glued to this sight,
Never had he seen something of such might,
These didn’t run for fright,
They ran for fun,
And to feel the sun,
They raced like eagles across the ground,
Till their leader stopped on a giant sand mound,
He stopped and gazed all around,
Then he saw the young man staring in aw,
These horses had no law,
They were free has the wind,
And were as sharp has a pin,
The stallion took off leading his herd,
Leaving young man not breathing a word,
This land he had conquered already had a king,
A stallion, has gold as his golden ring,
He owned the land, the herd, and everything,
The man turned back toward the ship,
Not once did those horses see a whip,
These horses he thought are a treasure,
He smiled with pleasure,
These are the horses of the new world,
I saw the first horses of the new world.