April Story Contest

High Hopes part 1
By: Amanda Ellen
Age: 12

“Take it easy out there, ok Amanda?” said one of the stable hands.
“Ok”, I said a little down as i swung up on Ace and set out on our fav trail. When we were far from the stables, I felt tears streaming down my face. I had a very unpleasant flash back.
"DONT YELL AT HER LIKE THAT!!" my mom yelled. I heard something glass break as i tried to block the noise out with my pillow. At that point, I could not take it anymore. My parents both screaming at each other, I got off my bed and packed so many things because i did not know how long i was going to be gone. I opened my window and took out my screen and climbed out my window with my bag over my shoulder as i tacked up my horse Ace. Quickly, I called my friend Alice Cullen. When she answered, I was crying and I managed to say, "Can i live with you? I can't be around my mom and dad any more, they wont stop fighting".
When she said, "I know, I'll be right over", she was over in a flash. She was incredibly fast as I was about to mount up and move Ace in to a trot. But Alice took the rains and said that she would lead me so I let her of course. It was night time when we got to her house. I lead Ace around the back and into the stable they had built for me when i stayed over but this was permanent. When I entered the back door, everyone was waiting for me. I said hi. When I smelled a hotdog cooking, I smiled.
I said "thanks".
As I sat eating we had a funny conversation about when Ace tried to eat my hair. When i was done eating, I said that I was going to bed. Of course, they had made preparations much earlier. When I got into my room Ii immediately know witch one was mine because it had a horse on the door that said Amanda's room. When I opened it, there was something on the bed. It was a present. I laughed. They always treated me like i was part of their family and I was now. I opened the present it was a new dress that I loved! It was blue with frills at the bottom. Attached was a note that said 'please wear tomorrow night, you'll see why the next morning".
I woke with a start! Someone was on the phone they said that they have a horse that they would like me to board! I sighed. They treated me like Ii was not just a family friend .