April Story Contest

Here we go - Chapter 3
By: Chelsea2
Age: 11

“Chelsea, I think you are ready! When I found it, I want to Frosty, I asked her.” Said Mrs. C.
“What did she say?” asked Jordyn.
“You need to do it! Or that’s what I thought she said.” Replied Mrs. C.
“Ok! Wait! What is it?” asked Lulu.
“We have to do a show in order to keep OUR horses!” said Anna looking at the note.
“No, why would they want our horses?” asked Pam.
“You tell me!” said Chelsea.
“Ok, I’m ready to help when you are, if you help with the kids, then we’ll have more time to train at the end of the day.” Said Mrs. C, “I’ll put your name by the kids name and the horse they are riding.”
“Ok!” said Chelsea as she walked Shooter to his stall beside Frosty’s.

As the girls untacked a group of kids came walking in.
“Ok, Who is my trainer today?” asked one boy.
“Hello.” said one girl as she walked up to the girls with their horses groomed again and there tack back on. “Who is are trainer for today?”
“Will,” said Chelsea as she walked back from the office and toke Shooter’s rains for Madeline. “Rose, you are on Freedom with Madeline, her horse’s name is Rosie.”
“Hi! I’m Madeline! Here let me help!” Said Madeline as she helped the girl mount.
“Have fun!” called a boy after Rose and Madeline with Madeline telling her something.
“Now, John, you are on Rocky, and you are with Pam her horse’s name is Lighting,” said Chelsea again.
“Thanks!” said a boy leading a gray looking horse and mounted and rode on to the Pony Pal train with Pam beside him.
“ Who I’m I with? My name is Ron, I’m riding Sunny, and my trainer of today it said was Anna.” said another boy.
“Me! Me, and Acorn,” said Anna.
“ We all have our horses. We just need our teachers!” said a girl
“Ok! Summer, with Lulu & Snow White, April, with Jordyn & Twilight, Josh with Mrs. C & JB, and Tom, your with me and Shooter!” said Chelsea.

“Cool!” said all the kids.

~*30 mins. Later*~

“Done pull back on the rains!” said Chelsea as she pulled Dream’s rains so they are lose on her neck. “When does your lesson stop?”
“It goes for 1 hour.” Said Tom
“K! Now watch me jump over the bounce jumps,.” said Chelsea.
As Chelsea flies over the bounce jumps Jordyn with April and Madeline with Rose and their horses walked up and talked loud so Chelsea could hear.
“Now April, that is how you jump! She is the best jumper out of us.” said Jordyn.
“Now Stop! You know that Shooter is doing all the work!” said Chelsea.
“Can we jump too?” asked Madeline.
“Sure! Have 3 teachers and 3 students!” said Chelsea.
And the 3 girls worked hard till about Noon with all the work was done.


“Guess what girls!?” said Mrs. C as she walked in to the room.
“We are done!” yelled Chelsea as she jumped up from where she was cleaning Shooter’s Bit.
“Wow! Now we get to train!” said Jordyn.
“Yea, just tack up and come to the jumping ring, indoor ring.” said Mrs. C.
“Ok!” said all the girls.
And all the girls tacked up and rode to the indoor ring.

~*About 1:00*~

“That?!?” asked Madeline
“Come on! You have done higher!” said Mrs. C.
“Maybe, but it was not so hard!” said Madeline
“I’ll do it!” said Chelsea, “Madeline, you have to do it! Or I cannot keep Shooter!”
“Good point!” said Madeline, “Ok, I guess I’ll do it.” And flies over to jump.
“Now see! You did it!” Said Jordyn.
“Thanks!” said Madeline.
“When it is show?” asked Chelsea.
“2 weeks!” said Mrs. C.

~*2 weeks later*~

Chelsea sits up in bed and looks at her show close laying out on her bed.
“Today is the day!” says Chelsea aloud and looks at the space on her wall she made room for a ribbon. And Chelsea got dressed and did all she needed to be for her mom toke her to the barn where Madeline and Jordyn were waiting in Mrs. C’s truck.
“Late!” yelled Jordyn out the window.
“I had to look good!” said Chelsea as she climbed in.
“Ready to go?” asked Mrs. C.
“Yea!” said all the girls.

~*At the show*~

“Show jumping class, last call for Show jumping class!” called a speaker
“Time!” said Chelsea as she trotted Shooter out of the warm up ring and to the real ring.
“Show time!” said Madeline when Jordyn and Chelsea were beside her and they all walked in to the ring.
“Rebecca ******* You are first!” And a girl with red hair jumped with 3 poles down.
“Nice try!” said Chelsea think it would help.
“Jordyn ******, you are next!” And Jordyn jumped with 1 pole down.
“Good job!” said Madeline when Jordyn came back to them.
“Madeline ****, your turn!” And she went with no prob. Tell the last jump and Rosie got a bad jump off and Madeline fell off. Chelsea and Jordyn get Rosie and watched Madeline walk out of the ring with no marks.
“Madeline ******!” And Madeline got 1 pole down.
“Chelsea *****!”
“Here I go!” Chelsea said. And she got no poles down.

“And here are your places! Madeline ****** & Jordyn ****** tied for 2nd. And Chelsea *****, 1st!” And a judge hands out the ribbons, And I girl walks up.
“Fine, I guess you get to keep your horse! But, watch out in shows next year!” Said the girl trying to take Shooter.
“Come on! This is one thing that I can show at school in 1 month!” said Jordyn.
“We all could show it!” said Madeline.
“Yea! Hey! Lets do the CC and Dressage too! My Mom is bringing our western saddles so we can do the western stuff too!” said Chelsea.
“Great!” said Madeline And Jordyn.

~*End of the day*~

Chelsea got 1st in Show jumping, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Cattle roping, 2nd place in CC and Dressage.

Jordyn got 1st in CC, 2nd in Show jumping, barrel racing, and Cattle roping.

Madeline got 1st in Dressage, 2nd place in Pole bending and Show jumping, 3rd in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and CC.

~*1 month later*~

Chelsea get on the bus and sits by Madeline and Jordyn and sits down her book bag and another bag.
“So, looks like you had a nice summer!” said the boy Chelsea liked.
“Yea, I won lots of 1st place ribbon-“ started Chelsea.
“I was sitting in the 1st row! I watched, did you not hear me yelling?” he asked.
“Oh, that was you?” asked Chelsea turning to face Jordyn.
“Will, I’m sure that Twilight would win a beauty horse show!” said Jordyn trying to change the topic.
“No! Rosie would win!” said Madeline.
“Shooter would!” said the Boy Chelsea liked.

Hope you like it! Read the next story to see what Chelsea and the boy she likes talk about.