April Story Contest

Black Pony, Brown Pony
By: Thesoapgirl3
Age: 16

“Here it is, sweetheart.” Said Clara’s mom. “He has two ponies, you can pick whichever one you like.”
Clara smiled. She got to pick her pony, and it looked like it would be easy to decide. One was... Nice looking. She was a pretty brown chestnut, but wasn’t anything incredible. Not to mention she wasn’t fully trained. But the other one was a solid black mare, with a sleek ebony coat. She was 7 years old, had a nice personality and was well-trained. Clara walked up and began stroking her new black pony’s soft neck.
“You want that one?” Questioned her dad. Clara nodded.
“Yep. This is her.” Clara rubbed the pony’s soft nose, and ran her hand up to her forehead. Clara could already see herself and this black pony riding on the trail, over hills and little streams. Then she spotted something. She pulled the mare’s forelock away from her face, and her eyes widened in horror at the white star on the pony’s head. It was the shape of a perfect heart, like a valentine had been traced over it. It could have been drawn there. “I changed my mind. I don’t want this one.” Clara jump off the fence and went to the brown pony. She lifted the mare’s forelock and saw another white star, only this one was a perfect, round circle. “Yes, I definitely want this one instead.”
“What’s wrong with the other one?” Clara’s mother asked, concerned. “You’ve been going on and on about this black pony, and change your mind at the last minute?”
“Yes.” Clara stated simply. “I want this one instead.”
“What’s the matter with my black pony?” Clara turned around to see a gruff-looking man. The owner of the two ponies. “Well?”
“Nothing’s wrong with her, sir,” said Clara. “She’s just about perfect. But I’d like to buy your Chestnut mare, if you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind... not at all...” He replied. “But you might. She’s got a mighty bad attitude problem.”
“I don’t care.” Said Clara. “She’ll get better.”
“Are you sure you’ve changed your mind, Clare?” Asked her dad.
“Yes. I’m positive.” Her father looked at the chestnut pony. He could practically see his daughter getting thrown off the little brat.
“Sweetie... Why?” Clara looked sincerely at her mother.
“Because. Hearts can be broken, but circles go on forever.”