April Story Contest

A New Herd to Call Home
By: AiZhen
Age: 11

The wind roared, and the sea raged. A pony with a cream white mane and tail and a golden body huddled up against a rock, trying to escape. It whinnied in a desperate manner, as it tried to seek a refuge. Suddenly, a loud whinny was heard above the storm. The golden mare looked up, to see that a black horse with a blaze was standing on a near ridge. The mare whinnied desperately and the stallion heard her cry. It took one look at her, and dashed down the rocky, weather beaten ridge.
The stallion reached the mare in a minute, and rapped his teeth around her mane and pulled, the mare go the message and started following him. Soon they were both on top of the ridge and gazing down at the roaring sea below. Finally one of them spoke.
"What were you doing down there?" questioned the stallion, "You could have been killed."
"I was searching for my foal, which I guess is now buried in the ferocious sea." answered the mare sadly.
"My name is Thunder." said the stallion.
"My name is Golden Minuet." said the mare.
After this conversation, they trotted off. The soon broke into a canter and then a gallop. They galloped over rocky ridges, and high mountains and low valleys. Every now and then they would stop for a graze and an apple or two, then they would start off on their galloping again. The mare got very fit when she did this, and was thankful for the exercise. Soon they stopped on one hill and overlooked a valley.
"This is my herd," said the stallion gesturing with his head to the herd of horses gathered below. The mare turned her dainty head and looked in the direction he was pointing. There in the valley were around one hundred horses, their tails flicking away the annoying flies, their heads chewing up the lush green grass.
"I'm not part of a herd anymore," said the fragile little mare with sorrow, as she continued to gaze at the vast arrangement of coats. "My herd were killed in that terrible storm back there when you saved me."
The stallion looked at the mare with compassion and love, and said, "You can be part of this herd now, we can fit in an extra horse," and as he said it, he stared at her looking into her deep, black, intelligent eyes.
She stared back, and then put her head over his shoulder in exhaustion from the last few days of full out galloping, and said, "That would be great." Then she trotted off to meet her new herd, and get to know some of them. She by far was the most outstanding, beautiful mare, anyone had ever seen, and she made a great addition to the herd. Soon there was a little black colt by her side, and his parents were Golden Minuet and Thunder.