April Story Contest

17 Hands is High!
By: thehorsegirl
Age: 13

It was Thanksgiving weekend when we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house. They have two horses!!! They said I would get to ride their 17 hand Friesian the next day! When I went to bed I tried to sleep, but I kept on thinking how much fun I would have. I probably got about 6 hours of sleep. When I woke up I got dressed really fast. I looked out the window and saw the horse I was going to ride, grazing on the grass. I was a little antsy during breakfast, but when we were done, my aunt gave me a par of boots, and a helmet.

She let me groom their horse Danny. She tacked up Danny for me then walked him to the ring. I went around in the ring at walk and trot. Then we went to her little course, with small jumps and barrels. After a bit of time, she let me ride in their small "woods.” There were slops and bombs and I saw a river that you could only see from a 17 hands high horse. After my brother was done riding, I got to ride bareback! Riding a 17 hand horse was really fun!