March Story Contest

The Pro Pals

by famoushorse101

Age:  10


Age: 8


Kati stopped her bike at the bike rack near Karolton Horse and pony Store. Kati was breathless, with both excitment and exaustion. She grabbed her BackBack, which contained her vital item: a Halter. She raced up to the barn door, and then skidded to a halt as another girl was talking with Mr. Karolton. She walked in, quiet and curious. She thought that this was her apoitment, not another girls! She boldly walked up to Mr.Karolotn and the girl.


"Um, Mr.Karolton, I thought this was my appointment!" she blurted.


"Ah, hello Kati! Meet, Abby! She is also here! I called your home number to check that it was okay if another girl shared your appointment. Your mother assured me that it was fine." He finished.


"Oh, um, uh, yeah, I guess that okay." Kati replied, blushing. Kati, Abby why don't you go and look around? All the horses and ponies here are well behaved and have a clean bill of health." Kati and Abby did just that. As Kati walked by the rows of stalls, she found a gorgeous horse. He was a Tall pure Chestnut, and looked to be around 16hh. Sh looked at the price and the horse info. Hmmm, 1,200, comes with tack, well trained. Hanovarian. 10 years old. "Mr.Karolton I want this one." She called out to his office.


"Ahh, this one. Very handsome, I must say. Let me find you the paper work."

Meanwhile, Abby was looking at a 15hh. Black Thoroughbred. He was perfect.


"Mr.Karolton, I want this one!" Abby called out.


"Coming!" Shouted Mr.Karolton. "Oh, he's a nice young man, isn't he!???"


Mr.Karolton smiled at Abby. " Let me find you the paper work. Kati, Abby, please bring the horses out of their stalls an stand in the grooming stalls." Kati and Abby did as they were told.


"Hi! I'm Abby!" said Abby.


"Huh? Oh, Hi! I'm Kati." Said Kati.


"Is this your first Horse?" Asked Abby.


"Yes! Is this yours?" replied Kati.


"Mmmm Hmmm!" said Abby.

Mr.Karolton Hooked up a trailer and loaded on the horses. "Were are we taking your horse Kati?"


"Sunset Farm" Answered Kati.


"Sunset  Farms?! Thats were im boarding my horse!" Shouted Abby. "We could go on trail rides, and be in competitions together! This is turning out to be great!" Shouted Abby.


When the got to Sunset Farms, they unloaded their horses, made sure they were comfortable, and filled the stall with bedding, timothy hay, and fresh, cold water. Then, they discussed names.


"I really like the name Zephyr!"  Exclaimed Abby


"I really like that name, its cute" Replied Kati. "I think I will name my boy Sundancer"


"Cool name!" Abby said.


"Do you want to go show our horses around?" Asked Abby "It will be good to let them get used to their surroundings before we ride them" Abby Added.


Before the girls left, they mucked out -Sundancer and Zephry's stalls, gave them fresh water, and hay. They kissed them good night and walked away together.


"Where do you live?" Kati questioned. " 12 Hunt Ave" Replied Abby.


"Really? I live right across from you!"


"Sweet!" Abby laughed.


"I want a barn in my backyard sometimes." Abby said.


"Me too, that would be so much fun." Kati answered.

The End
Author's Note: Please vote!  More coming soon in the Series!  Be waiting!