March Story Contest


by kiwigirlrulz10

age 12 


Destiny is a funny thing,
  Hi, my name is Kira, I'm at my house, walking toward the pasture to find my chestnut mustang, Spirit. Spirit was a rescue horse, you could say I rescued her, she had been abandoned in a barn by a couple that didn't want her. She was hard to work with, She was afraid of humans, her old owners had abused her, so now she has scars all over her beautiful flank, and in her soul. With the help of my best friend Ashley, I managed to retrain her and we now have a close bond. And now I was walking down the dirt road of my parents dude ranch, I had a horse cookie in my pocket and a lead rope in my hand. When I reached the northern pasture I whistled, turns out I didn't need to. Spirit was already waiting for me. That horse can smell a cookie from a mile away. I opened the gate and Spirit trotted over, she nickered, "Hey Girl." I whispered to her, "You ready to go ride with Ashley and Bella?" Spirit nickered, nuzzling my hand, I laughed and gave her the cookie. Then I slipped the halter over her head and clipped on the lead rope.
An hour later, I was atop Spirit and next to Ashley,and her Blue roan, Bella. We were riding a trail near Ashley's house. "So how are things at your place?" Ashley asked.

 "Great. There's this couple who were married two days ago, who're totally new to riding. So it's my job to teach them how." Ashley laughed, "Well that should be fun!" I was about to reply when I felt Spirit tense underneath me. Obviously Bella had tensed to because Ashley stopped her, "Whats wrong girl?" I couldn't help but feel nervous. The forest near Ashley's was supposed to be safe, but then again, I just had a creepy feeling. Lighting crackled overhead, "Maybe we should get back." Ashley said, rain started pouring, the horses started panicking. I saw Ashley lead Bella over to an overhanging rock, and get out her cell phone, I tried to lead Spirit over to her but then water started gushing over the rock, and the last thing I remember was Ashley shouting to her mom on the phone, "THE RIVER FLOODED! HELP! OH NO KIRA!" Before Spirit slipped on some wet grass and I cracked my head on a stone.
I remember waking up in the hospital, my eyes were itchy, the only thing on my mind was Spirit. I tried to get up but collapsed back on my bed and blacked out.
When I woke up for the second time, I was back at home, on the couch. My mom, dad, and Ashley were crowded around me. "Are you ok?" Ashley asked, I nodded, my head hurt, "Where's Spirit? All three of them looked at each other, worry on their faces. Turns out that the river on the other side of the forest had flooded, and Ashley managed to get hold of her mom, who had come and got us, then took me to the hospital. I had cracked my head on a rock and was in a coma for two weeks. Bella had influenza but otherwise was ok. Spirit, had disappeared, no sign of her anywhere. I started to cry. My mom cradled me in her arms, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry, do you know what? You can have any horse you want from the stables. Any one." I managed a shaky nod, "O-o-o ok" But I didn't want any other horse. I wanted Spirit. Two hours later, Ashley and I were walking in the stables looking at the horses. "I'm going to look for her." I said. Ashley stared at me, "No way, you just got out of the hospital. If your parents couldn't find her, you won't either." I Just shook my head.
That night at about midnight, my parents went to bed, I dressed in black and snuck out the back door. I went to the stables and tacked up Taven as quietly as possible. Taven is a buckskin thoroughbred. Quick, and perfect for chasing down another horse. I also stuffed a bunch of Horse cookies in my pocket. I mounted and we entered the forest.
We were in the forest for a half hour when Taven tensed, I dismounted and patted his neck nervously. I heard growling behind me, and Taven whinnied nervously, he showed the whites of his eyes. More growling, and a huge mountain lion prowled out of the bushes, Taven bolted, leaving me alone. The lion growled and circled me, I could hear my heart thumping in my chest. I took a step back and the lion pounced, I sidestepped quickly and lion managed to get a piece of my shirt. A whinny pierced the cold air, and I held my breath, Spirit galloped into the clearing, she charged the lion and the lion clawed at her, catching her on the muzzle, enraged Spirit turned and bucked at the lions, head catching it in the eyes, blinded it stumbled around and managed to claw Spirit a couple more times before bounding away. I ran forward and hugged my horse. Then ripped off the sleeves of my shirt and cleaned up her wounds the best I could, before curling up in a ball beside my horse and falling asleep.
I woke up to find my mom shaking me awake. She saw my eyes open and breathed a sigh of relief, "Don't EVER do that to me again." But she was too relieved to be mad. We loaded up spirit in the trailer and drove home. It was seven o clock, I was surprised to wake up in the truck, in the parking lot of the vets. I got out of the truck, and walked inside,  the secretary looked up, "Their in the back." I nodded and walked back. Dr.Brendon was bandaging Spirit up. He looked up, and said the words that changed almost everything, "Well, Kira Spirit is a tough one. She'll be all right. You may want to come back in a month or two though. To check up on that foal of hers."
Several months later, I stood in Spirits, stall, stroking the beautiful black foal she had just given birth to. Spirit nickered at me, and I handed her the cookie I had saved. She looked at me. And I knew everything was going to be all right.  
The End