March Story Contest

Hoof beats

By Rocket101

Age 12


The steady sound of hoof beats

Echoes through my mind.

If you look back at my pony’s tail

You can see a dog running behind

A river of silk

A ship setting sail

Is what I call

My pony’s tail

If you look ahead

You will see a mane,

Glittering like jewels

A golden lane

Is what I call my pony’s mane.

If you look around you

And listen carefully

The forest calls your name

If you look at me,

Riding my pony

So domestic, so tame

And if you look ahead of my steed,

Four yards to be exact, you will see a log, towering high

Like a majestic castle in the sky.

Could I make it?

Does my pony have the strength that I lacked?

I thought pell-mell.

All of a sudden we jumped over the log,

Almost hitting a muddy bog.

Happiness spilled over my face,

Brighter than chrome.

I felt the triumph,

Glorious triumph,

Circle around me like a carousel.

With a pat and a carrot,

We knew we would finish our adventure

And that was when we headed home.


Thanks CPP! I couldn’t have made this poem without you! Rocket101