March Story Contest

Happy Hoof Club: Movie Stars

By Taylor Joyce

Age 11

Ally Franson

Age 11

Lauren Miller

Age 11


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Main Characters: 

Lauren: The girl who thought of starting The Happy Hoof Club

Sparkle: Lauren’s pony, she is an Appaloosa mare

Ally: She is smart and brave and likes to joke around a lot

Icing: Ally’s pony, she is an Arabian mare

Taylor: She is friendly and very adventurous

Moonshadow: Taylor’s pony, she is a black Quarter Horse mare


I looked out my window and saw that the mailman was just leaving.  I grabbed the mail and flipped through it.  Something caught my eye.  It was addressed to me from my cousin, Juliet.  I wonder why she wrote a letter to me, I wondered.  I ripped it open and saw that Juliet had very neat writting.


Dear Ally, I got a letter in the mail and it said a company would be filming a movie called Lucy’s First Adventure with Cloud in Winnipeg.  I wrote this letter because mom made me.  (Not that I would write this if she didn’t.)  Anyway, mom said to write this because she said you might like to try out for a role in the movie.  The company owners actually live in Pine Grove, but they decided to film it in Winnipeg because Pine Grove is such a small town.  The company’s address is: 2018 Main Street, Pine Grove.  The name is:Filming Stars.  Sincerely, Juliet. 


I phoned my best friends Taylor Joyce and Lauren Miller and soon we were all in my room.  I had just started explaining why I called them to my house when a guitar interrupted us.  “Who’s playing that guitar?” asked Lauren.  “Oh, that’s just my brother Shawn,” I told her.  We all tip-toed to the door of Shawn’s room and looked inside.  Shawn was playing his guitar along with a CD.  Suddenly he turned off the CD player and turned around.  Taylor and I dashed into my room but Lauren just stayed where she was, staring at him with awe.  “Who are you?” asked Shawn.  “I’m Lauren Miller, Ally’s friend,” said Lauren in a dreamy voice.  “Your guitar playing is nice,” she went on.  “I’m practising for my high school band,” he said.  Then Lauren ran back into my room. 


“Your brother is great, Ally!” she said to me.  “Do you have a crush on him?” I asked.  “Sort of,” admitted Lauren.  “It’s just so hard not to fall in love with him.  He looks so beautiful with his spiky blond hair and his dark blue eyes!” She sighed.  “I don’t think he’s beautiful,” I said.  “Why did you call us here, Ally?” asked Taylor.  “Something about you’re going to film a movie and you want Lauren and I to act in it?”  “No, no, no!” I exclaimed.  “Here’s what really happened.  This morning I got a letter from my stuck-up cousin Juliet.  She said that a company called Filming Stars was going to be filming a movie called Lucy's First Adventure with Cloud.  They live in Pine Grove but the movie is going to be filmed in Winnipeg because Pine Grove is such a small town.”  “You should act in it, Ally!” exclaimed Taylor.  “Icing would be perfect to do the role of Cloud because she’s white and you could be Lucy!”  “Okay,” I replied.  “We’ll ride our ponies over to the Filming Stars place tomorrow.”


The next morning I got up early and fed Icing and Sparkle.  I brushed Icing until her coat shined, because I wanted to impress the company.  I also saddled up Sparkle for Lauren.  When Lauren came out she was surprised to find that Sparkle was already saddled up for her.  “Thanks, Ally!” she said.  “No problem,” I said.  We rode over to Main Street where Taylor had said she’d meet us, but she wasn’t there  “It’s unlike Taylor to be late,” said Lauren.  “I know,” I said. 


Five minuets later Taylor came cantering towards us on Moonshadow.  “I’m sorry I’m late,” she said breathlessly.  “It’s just that my little brother Jordan, had his birthday party today and he invited all these creepy little boys!” Taylor stopped to catch a breath.  “And when it was time for the boys to play, they started chasing me around the house.  I ran out the back door and towards the barn.  When I got there the boys were still chasing me so I locked the door.  One of the boys banged on the door and then another one began crying.  Then they ran off to tell my parents but I quickly rode over here.”  “It’s okay,” I said.  “Now let’s go find that Filming Stars place.” I pulled out the address and read it out loud.  “2018 Main Street.”  “Is it that building over there?” asked Taylor as she pointed to a tall building with a group of kids and ponies gathered outside.  “It sure is,” I said. 


We rode over to the building where the kids and ponies were gathered.  “Wait a minuet! There’s three more kids” said a black haired man.  “Are you all here for the auditions?” he asked.  “Just my pony Icing, and I,” I said.  “My friends are just here to watch.”  “Okay, then.  Let’s get started.  Who wants to try out?” Two other girls raised their hands at the same time as me.  The girl with the paint pony went first.  I thought she acted very well.  The girl with a beautiful palomino pony went next.  As the girl walked towards the front she smiled a fake smile at us and then looked at her fingernails.  I thought she looked stuck up.  Then finally it was my turn.  As I walked up front, Lauren gave me a thumbs up.  The black haired man played one of Lucy’s friends as I started acting with Icing.  Before I knew, it was over. 


“You were great!” said Taylor as she thumped me on the back.  “I think the girl with the paint pony was better than me” I said.  Just as Lauren was about to say something, the black haired man shouted, “we have our actors!  Ally Franson and her pony,Icing as Lucy and Cloud, Kate Foster and her pony, Smoothie as Jennifer and Pepper, and Angela McKnight and her pony, Jewels as Hannah and Sunny.” We all cheered. “Ally, you are wanted at the registration table,” called the black haired man.  “I gave Icing’s reins to Taylor and walked over to the table. 


“I’m Vanessa, the director,” said a red headed woman at the table.  She handed me a piece of paper.  “Your parents will have to sign this form to give permission for you to be in this movie.  I sighed as tears formed in my eyes.  This was something I hated to tell people.  “I don’t have a dad,” I said.  “He died in a car crash when I was four.”  “That’s okay,” Vanessa said sympathetically.  “Anyway, your train fare is all paid for so you don’t have to worry about getting to Winnipeg.”  “Can my friends Taylor Joyce and Lauren Miller come too?” I asked.  “Sure,” said Vanessa.  “But they’ll have to pay for themselves to ride on the train.”


I went back to Lauren and Taylor.  “The director, Vanessa said you could come and stay for the filming, but you would have to pay your own train fare,” I told them.  “Let’s go asked my parents if they can pay for the train fare,” said Taylor.  Then we mounted our ponies and rode over to Taylor’s house. 


When we got there a bunch of noise and shouts came from the house.  “Oh-no!” Taylor groaned.  “Jordan’s birthday party is still on!  We’ll have to stick together.” As soon as Lauren opened the door, all the boys charged at Taylor.  Lauren and I put our hands on our hips, glared at them, and pretended to be mad. They slowed down and then backed up.  “They look mad,” said one boy.  Then they ran off, screaming. 


Taylor went up to her dad.  “Dad,” she began.  “Ally got a role in a movie called Lucy’s First Adventure with Cloud that’s going to be filmed in Winnipeg.  Can you pay the train fare for me to go too?”  “Okay,” he said.  “When are you going?”  “When are you going, Ally?” Taylor asked me.  “This Tuesday,” I answered.  Next Lauren called her mom.  Taylor and I listened to the conversation. “Can I go, mom?” Lauren was saying.  “Great!  When?  Tuesday.  Bye!” Lauren hung up the phone, grinning.  “I can come!”  “Great,” I said.  “Now we better get home and start packing.  The trip is only two days away!”


Finally, Tuesday came.  I ran outside with all my luggage and towards the paddock just as the Joyces’ Land Rover pulled up in my driveway.  I saw Lauren running with her stuff towards the paddock too.  I gave my luggage to Taylor who put it in the Land Rover.  Then I grabbed Icing and her tack and went towards the horse trailer where Moonshadow  was standing patiently.  I put Icing in the trailer and her tack on one of the shelves. We were soon off towards the train station. 


When we got there, a train labelled: {Animals\People express} pulled into the station.  “Do you think that’s our train?” Taylor asked.  “Maybe,” I said.  “Come on.  Let’s go and met Vanessa outside the station.”


Mr. and Mrs. Joyce helped us carry our luggage towards a red headed figure who was waving frantically.  “Hurry up!” called Vanessa.  “The train is leaving in fifteen minutes!” Vanessa led us to the train labelled: {Animals\People express}.  “That’s our train,” she said.  “It has stalls in the back of it so horses can ride in the train too.”


A train engineer opened the door of the train which revealed a compartment of stalls.  “You can put your ponies in stalls seven, eight, and nine” he told us.  As I walked down the wooden aisle, I smelled horse manure and cleaning solution.  I put Icing in stall number seven.  I was glad that it had some food and water in it.  I tied Icing’s lead rope to the door post and gently patted her soft, velvety, nose.  “You’ll be safe here,” I told her.  “When the train starts moving, it’ll be a little loud, but I know you can handle it.” Then I bolted the lock and followed Vanessa, Taylor, and Lauren into the people compartment. 


Taylor, Lauren, and I sat down on a bench with a velvety cushion on it and Taylor got out a pack of cards. “All aboard!” called the train conductor. “Let’s play Go Fish,” said Taylor.  As Taylor, Lauren, and I started playing, I started getting sleepy.  The bench with a velvety cushion on it was so comfy I fell asleep. 


The next thing I knew, Taylor was tapping me on the shoulder.  “Ally, wake up!  We’ve stopped now!” I sat up and heard the train conductor saying, “we've now arrived in Winnipeg. Thank you for riding on {Animals\People express}!” I quickly grabbed my purse and stuff and went into the horses compartment.  I got Icing led her out into the fresh air.  I could tell she was happy to be out of the smelly train because she threw up her head and whinnied.  “Come on!” Vanessa called.  I followed her and my friends towards a big white van with a horse trailer labelled “Movie Stars”.  I put Icing in the trailer with Moonshadow, Sparkle, and some other ponies and then hopped into the van. 


I sat down beside the girl who had been at the audition in Pine Grove.  “Hi!  I’m Kate Foster,” said the girl.  “Are you going to be in the movie too?”  “Yep,” I said.  “I’m Ally Franson.  I’m playing the part of Lucy.”  “Cool!” said Kate.  I gazed around until I spotted the snobby girl called Angela.  Oh, great!  I thought.  She’s going to ruin everything.  Then the van came to a halt. 


I jumped out with Lauren and Taylor, grabbed Icing, and looked around.  I saw a lush green field with a bright white fence surrounding it.  About 20 metres away was a bright red barn with white trim.  “Is this where the filming is going to take place?” I asked myself.  “Yes,” said a voice. It made me jump about two meters.  I turned around and saw that it was Vanessa.  “You can put Icing in the barn.  You’re staying in a cabin with Kate and your friends. Sorry if I scared you.”


I led Icing towards the barn.  When I got inside, I found Angela fussing about the stalls.  “Why do these stalls have to have sand in them?” she exclaimed.  “Yes my little Julie-wulie.  We don’t want you to get your precious coat dirty.” I grimaced and then quickly led Icing past Angela and Jewels. Icing’s hooves made a light clip-clop sound as I walked her down and aisle until I came to a clean stall.  I wrote Icing’s name on the wipe off board on the front of her stall.  “You don’t mind sand, do you?” I asked her.  Icing moved her head back and forth vigorously.  Then I grabbed my suitcase from the van and and looked for the cabin I was staying in. 


When I finally found it and went inside, Kate was unpacking her stuff.  I sat down beside her.  “Where are you from?” I asked.  “I’m from a city called Thompson,” Kate answered. “I had to fly all the way to Winnipeg and it was two hours.” “Do you know that girl named Angela?” I asked. “Yep.  She lives right next door to me.  Always bugging and fussing over her pony.”  “I feel sorry for you,” I said.  Just then a knock came from the screen door.  “Here’s the script for you, Ally.  Oh!  And for you, Kate” said the black haired man.  He smacked his head.  “How could I forget?” he asked himself.  “My name is Michael and dinner is ready,” were the last things he said before he rushed off. 


I found Taylor and Lauren and we all walked together to a building.  (Kate too.) When Lauren found a seat for us, and the cook brought out spaghetti and meatballs, I began making introductions between Kate and Lauren and Taylor.  “Kate, these are my friends Lauren Miller and Taylor Joyce.  Taylor and Lauren, this is Kate Foster.  “Hi!” said Taylor as she stuck out her hand and shook Kate’s.  Lauren did the same. 


After a delicious dinner, I climbed into bed, put the covers over my head, and started reading my script.  It was a wonderful and enchanting story.  Here’s how it went. 


Lucy had always wanted a pony and she asked her parents for one everyday.  But their answer still remained the same, until one particular day in August.  Lucy’s mother and father were seated on the couch and she had just asked them her favorite question: “Mom, Dad can I have a pony?”  “Lucy,” said her mother.  “We’ve been through this before.  N-o  p-o-n-y, NO PONY!”  “I think Lucy is responsible enough to have one, don’t  you think?”  “Well,” said Lucy’s mother, “all right.”  “Yes!” Lucy shouted as she jumped up and down.  A few weeks later, Lucy’s father led a beautiful white Welsh/Arabian pony into the yard.  “Thank you!  Thank you!” Lucy sqealed with delight.  Now all I need is a name for it, thought Lucy.  “Is it a boy or girl?” she asked.  “Girl,” her father answered.  Lucy thought for a minuet.  The pony’s color made her think of fluffy white clouds.  “Cloud,” she said.  “I’m going to call her Cloud.” The next morning Lucy had saddled up Cloud and....  I fell asleep before I finished reading it. 


The next morning I awoke to Taylor shaking me. “Wake up!” she said. “Vanessa just came by here to say that after breakfast, they're going to reaherse the first scene.” “Okay,” I said. “Mmm, that smells good!” I said to Kate as she, Taylor, Lauren and I walked toward the dining hall.


Just then I   something tripped me and I fell flat on my face. “Opps!” said a voice, laughing. “You're so clumsey!” “Angela!” I heard Kate shout.  I looked up and saw that Angela had stuck out her foot and made me trip. I got up and brushed the dirt off my jacket, hair, and pants. “From now on, we're enemies,” I told her. “Fine with me,” said Angela. As I walked along the dirt path with my friends, I thought, something tells me acting is going to be a lot harder with Angela around.


After breakfast, Vanessa introduced Kate, Angela, and I to the adult actors that were going to to some rolls in the play. “I like the young looking man with black hair and a beard,” Lauren whispered to me. “How can you have a crush on two people all at once?” I asked her. “I don't know, I'm just different.” “Okay everyone!” called Vanessa. “Let's rehearse the first scene.” I did very well. Then I recited my lines and we filmed the movie. I told all my relatives to look out for me on TV.

The End


Note: This is the end of the series. We hope you enjoyed reading our stories!