March Story Contest

Chelsea's Story

The Battle Chapter 2

by Chelsea2

Age 11

Read Part 1 here  


Chelsea sat down with a new girl in the school and talked with her with Madeline and Jordyn right behind in the talk too.

“… And that is the Hock!” said Madeline as she pointed to the Hock.

“I know that!” that said the New girl.

“Oh, sorry. Are you horse crazy?” asked Chelsea.

“No, that was the ONLY set open on this bus! I’m going to that barn!” said the girl as she pointed to the barn across the road from Mrs.C’s barn.

“Oh, we go that that one!” said Jordyn as she pointed to Mrs.C’s barn.

“Can I see your ponies?” asked the girl all stuck up.

“Sure! You’ll be in love with Twilight!” said Jordyn.

“Can we see yours too?” asked Madeline

“Yea!” said the new girl so load that every one on the bus looked at her.

“Come on then!” said Chelsea as she hopped down the steps, with the others close behind her. And they ran to the barn and walked down the hall.

“Hi Rose!” said Madeline as she pets a Red roan horse.

“Come look at Brownie.” Said Chelsea as she looked at a mud caked Frosty, “Who will help me?”

“Me!” Jordyn said as she walked up to Frosty with a brush and started brushing.

“Me too!” said Madeline as she started brushing too.

“Will, I’m NOT!” said the new girl and turned around and walked across the road to the other barn.

“Oh will!” said Chelsea

“ Are we still going to do the camp out?” Asked Madeline.

“I will!” said Chelsea, “what about you Jrodyn?”

“I’m sorry, we are going to go to the pool tomorrow, do we want to come?” asked Jordyn

“The one…?” asked Chelsea

“Yup! That one!” said Jordyn

“I’ll ask Mom!” said Madeline

“I will too!” said Chelsea

“Great!” said Jordyn as she got Frosty gray again and the girls stepped back to look at Chelsea’s Mom’s horse.

“She looks great for 30!” said Madeline

“I know! Mom is so happy!” said Chelsea

“Will! My mom is going to be here to pick me up soon!” said Jordyn as she looked at the shadows of the trees around them.

“K! I’ll call my mom!” said Madeline

“I will too!” said Chelsea as she pulled out her pink cell phone from her jeans.

“… Thanks!” said Madeline as she put her red cell phone away, “I can go!” said Madeline.

“… K, I’ll tell Jordyn why. Bye” Said Chelsea in to her phone and but it away too.

“And?” asked Madeline and Jordyn

“I can go!” said Chelsea

“Yea!” said Jordyn as her mom’s jeep pulled up.

“You all coming?” asked Jordyn’s mom.

“Yup!” said Madeline

“Ok! Jump in!” said Jordyn’s mom and then get in and where on they way to Jordn’s house to spent the night.


~*Next morning*~


They all sat up in the jeep.

“Wha’?” asked Chelsea

“I think my Dad put us in here.” Said jordyn

“Yea.” Said Madeline as she looked out the window at the water park that they just pulled up to.

“WOW!” yelled Chelsea, “Bigger then I thought1”

“I know!” said Madeline that was standing out side, “Come on!” said Madeline

“Look!” said Chelsea as they came up to a Madeline looking at a water park at all sides of her.


~*Back home again*~


The girls get out of the jeep to see a girl riding Shooter.

“Hay! Get off my horse!” yelled Chelsea.

“No! This is my horse!” said the girl as the horse galloped to Chelsea, “Ok, maybe this is your horse. But your not getting my horse that easy!” said the girl as she walked away.

“What was that about?” asked Madeline and Jordyn.

“I Don’t Know! That girl wants Shooter!” said Chelsea

“And why does she want him?” asked Madeline

“Again, I Don’t Know!” said Chelsea

“Will, lets just be happy that it’s over!” said Jordyn

And the girls tacked up for the camp out in the woods with the Pony pals.


~*Out riding*~


“Ok! Here is where we are going to camp!” said Chelsea as she dismounts

“K!” said the other girls

And they got the tents up and every thing ready for the night and they built a fire.

“Ok! Time for scary stories!” said Chelsea, “I’ll go first!”

All the girls sat down on the logs and cooked some hot dogs over the fire.

“On night, 6 girls with 6 horses went camping about right in this spot.” Chelsea said as she looked at the other 5 girls. “And then they started to see shadows moving around them! Then they heard a weird noise! And a c-“

“What?” asked a scared Pam.

“And a CAT! Stepped out! Scout had followed them to the camp stop!” and as Chelsea said this Scout stepped out of the bushes and walked to Chelsea and the others girls. “BUT then they heard a car go past and they it stopped, Mrs. C. stepped out of it and said, get in a Bear! And all the girls went running to the horses and untied them and ran to the car, on there way to the barn they heard something out side, the get to the barn and Anna got out with a bag of hot dogs and a chipmunk came running to her. ‘So you where making the noise?’ asked Anna. The End!” said Chelsea.

“Good one!” said Madeline

“Who next?” asked Jordyn

“Lets hit the sack!” said Anna

“Ok, you can I want to talk!” said Pam

“me too!” said Lulu.

“Ok! We will take!” said Chelsea with Jordyn and Madeline nodding

“What should we talk about?” asked Lulu

“Um, What you can make out of hay?” asked Pam

“Sure! What can you make?” asked Jordyn

“Nothing, or I can’t.” said Pam

“How about foals!” said Lulu

“Ok!” said all the others.

“Foals are so cute!” said Chelsea

“I know!” said Pam

“I like duns the best!” said Jordyn

“Will, I like all horses!” Chelsea put in

“me too!” said Lulu

“I really like my Dad as a Vet!” Said Pam

“yea!” said Chelsea

“What?” asked Anna as she poked out her head from the tent.

“ I’m going to hit to sack too, Anna.” Said Madeline, “I want to do the CC again! This time I WILL get all the jumps!”

“Good night!” said Chelsea after Madeline and Anna

“Yea! Back at you!” said Madeline and Anna

“Ok! just us 4!” said Pam

“Hey!” yelled Chelsea as she jumped up.

“What?” asked Jordyn as her and the other get up too.

“Shooter tried to eat my hair again!” said Chelsea

“Ha!” yelled Madeline from in the tent.

“Hey! SO not funny!” said Chelsea

“Sorry, but it IS funny!” said a giggling Lulu

“Not nice!” said Jordyn, “Twilight NEVER tries to eat my hair!”

“You need ‘hay hair’. Is what Chelsea calls it.” Said Lulu

“Yea, I think we all should hit the sack! Night!” said Pam and the others said night as they walked to the tents.




The girls got up and toke every thing down and mounted, and rode back to the barn where Mrs. C was waiting.

“What is it Mrs. C?” asked Chelsea

“Someone put THIS on Shooter’s stall!” said Mrs. C as she handed Chelsea a note.

“… What! No! I Don’t think we are ready!” said Chelsea as she looked at the others then Mrs. C, “Will you help us?”


Hope you like it! I LOVE writing Horse Crazy.  I hope you read the next one to find out what Mrs. C has to help with.Chelsea2 & Frosty