March Story Contest


A Wild Life part 1

by glambrat32

age 10


I hurried out the door and walked past Adriana's horse stall, she too had a horse. His name was Blaze, I had more than one horse, I had three. Angel, Stardust, and his new name was Aristocrat. His original name was Artemis. He at first was never the so called easy to ride horse, but he is now a riding lesson horse! I unlatched Aristocrat's stall door and went in, he started and shied voilently. "Easy Aristocrat, easy!" I sputtered out trying not to sound mad or mean, he hates that. I slid on his bright new cotton blue halter, and I led him to the crossties.


We had two or three crossties, I couldn't keep count with the bustling hours of riding lessons for kids that I provided. Adriana helped when we had two kids scheduled at the same time, but it's unlikely to ever happen during week days. Unfortunately on weekend days it's extremely likely so Starr, a horse groomer helps, she is nice! I groomed Aristocrat with the curry comb all the way, never did I do his face with any brush. I checked an area he is sensitive at, the hock. He was OK! Thank goodness, I thought grately. He is a Hanoverian/Andalusian mix. A good jump and a great look, well to me that is! He is a grey dappled stallion.


I tacked him up and lead him outside, I mounted up and rode him into the jumping arena. He didn't hesitate and second and he started off at a working canter, please don't land on it, I hoped because he never made this jump. I shut my eyes and hoped for the best. He neatly tucked his front legs under him and he flew over the jump and a land so effortly you couldn't tell if he flew or jumped! "Good, great boy!" I praised his good jumping skills. He whickered softly. I loved him as if he was my brother!


We soon began thinking about the new horse, Sundance. He was bad agressive and nippy, he didn't like people. Not even me! Well I decided to go to the rding barn I go for show practice where he was. Surely enough he started towards me trying to attack me, I didn't allow it. He backed away when I slipped my crop from behind me. I tacked him up, his ears went back and I showed the crop. He is afraid of it. I mounted and I made him go into a collected trot. I was surprised to see my BFF Sarah there! "Sarah!" I squealed do delightfully.


Here we come to the end of part 1! Enjoy part 2 when it comes out!!!