February Story Contest

By: Onaneagle

Age: 7

Somewhere, a family sits, laughing in the house.
Somewhere, a horse stands, tied to a post.
He nickers and whickers,
But the only reply he hears is the echoes of children’s bickers.
As darkness lightens, 12:00 strikes the city clock.
Around him the snow swirls, and he lets out a lonesome, “Neigh.”
He dozes off, and dreams of oats and hay,
And he wakes up and misses the girl who fed him pony treats,
And the happy bird’s tweets.
The river rushing and girl’s brushing.
For one day he and she had rode,
Up a very steep road.
They walked,
But a fox crossed and he balked,
And they fell down.
In the town,
As he is moping,
Here comes the wish of his hoping!
His girl,
In snow whirl,
Came to take him home.
He was happy and bold,
For he was with his friend
To the end.