February Story Contest

The Dangerous Trail

There we were on a normal trail ride at the lessons I was riding Paisley and Midnight Beauty is on a lounge rope (I’m holding the end of the rope, trailing her). I am in the lead of the trail ride, I have chosen to go down my favorite trail, it is my secret trail. It is in a forest with trees all around, if you leave the path you most likely not find your way back.  We trot and canter over several fallen trees. I move to a gallop loving the sound of the hooves pounding in my ears and the wind in my face. I yell “turn right!” when we hit a fork in the path knowing the left path goes deeper into the forest. Paisley and I start going right but Beauty starts going left. Going so fast, the rope (hooked to Midnight Beauty’s halter) is yanked out of my hands nearly pulling me off. I regain balance and cut across the path heading the way Beauty went. After a moment of now cantering and trees whipping my face I stop. I realize the dumb decision I have just made. I left the trail! I decide to keep going though hoping to find Beauty and return to the group. 

The light is fading and I’m not sure how long I have been gone. I sit and listen carefully, I hear a sound of a whistle, I whistle back. Soon I see JC and several pals.  We head back to barn only to find Beauty still not there. We all go home after untacking, grooming, and feeding our horses.

I wake in the middle of the night to hear a dreadful sound. The sound of a terrified horse (I went to sleep in the hay loft). I get up quickly, climb down the latter, and tack up Paisley. I gallop toward the sound to find my horse; Midnight Beauty lying on the ground after the lounge rope got caught on a tree and tripped her. I call the barn and the vet comes out. We get the rope untangled from the tree, and get her to stand up. Turns out she is just fine only a little bruised! She whinnies softly and nudges me as if thanking me.  Now she is back home, safe and sound, and happy again.