February Story Contest

The Mystery
By: Misty808

As Sarah's mother drove their car up to the stable,Sarah half jumped out in her eagerness to get to her horses.Actually the owner Samantha and her husband Max own Wisperwood...But she calls stardust and Wonder hers because her mother and father had leased them both for her.

She got out without hurting herself (thankfully!) then looked up at the sky,it was magnificent shades of pink,orange and light purple.Tonight she was having a sleepover at the barn with her BFF Lucy.

She waved to her mum then ran up to the barn but immediately stopped...Oh no...

She stood in the barn doorway...just observing...taking in what,in all her life,she had hoped and prayed would never happen.Then Max looked up from what he was doing.Oh Sarah I was hoping you wouldn't turn up until later,when all this has eased off but come here since you are not doing anything..."I am truly sorry about all this but you know he is 45 years old but don't worry we will try our best to keep him alive for a couple more years".

Sarah turned on her heel and ran for all she was worth,tears streaming down her face,she loved Pecka why...why...why Pecka?She ran all the way out of the barn only to be cornered by...who...she couldn't see...

2 hours later she had explained her tears and was settled on a hay bale in the loft.Lucy showed sympathy and said one day Stardust would die too...but that didn't help because Sarah burst into a fresh flood of tears.

Once Sarah finally stopped crying,they ate Lucy's mum's home made spaghetti bolognaise followed by yogurt ice-blocks.Then they settled down to a nice game of cards.

They finished and Sarah suggested they go say good-night to the horses.They went around the barn saying good-night but when they got to Pecka's stall they found it empty...

I hope you enjoy it as much as my family has!