November Story Contest

Pepper and Brenna
By: Shinabella

“I'm going to go do some jumps.” Said Brenna. She tacked up Pepper and set up some jumps in the open pasture. “Okay, Just be careful. I am doing some dressage.” Kayla replied. She put on a old black saddle, and a bridle, Then carefully tightened the girth. “Come on we have to practice we have a show tomorrow!” Brenna yelled. She hopped on Pepper and started to trot. “No, I need to practice dressage. Its my weakest subject right now.” Kayla got on Star and rode off into the arena. “Fine.” Brenna called out. She cantered up to the first jump, with a refusal from Pepper. “Oh, Pepper!” Brenna said, tapping Pepper with her heels. Pepper started to canter, and Brenna brought her back around to the jump. Pepper lifted her hooves up high, and jumped the water trough. Now, You may be wondering why she was jumping a water trough and not an “actual jump”, Its because Brenna was trying to get Pepper ready for cross country and show jumping at the same time. “Good girl, Pepper!” Brenna said giving Pepper a light pat on the neck.
     Star was in a collected trot, with Kayla bobbing up and down. “This is not going to work.” Kayla said. She wiped a tear off her face and slowed Star to a walk. “Why are you giving up?” A voice in her head said. She always had these voices, and shoved them away. “I'm not. I  will try it again.” She flipped her hair away from her face, and asked Star for a trot. She then  pulled back her reins just a bit, And Star slowed to a collected trot. She finally stopped bobbing up and down in the saddle, and relaxed. “Finally!” Kayla said happily. “Good boy, Star!” She continued patting Star on the neck until Brenna and Pepper came down. “Kayla, It’s freezing out, Time to come in.” Brenna started un tacking Pepper and putting a blanket on her and led her to her stall. “There you go, Nice and warm.” Brenna locked the stall door and dropped treats into Peppers feed bucket. “Hey, What time is the show tomorrow?” Kayla asked. Brenna shrugged her shoulders and walked away. “Okay....” Kayla slowly took off the saddle and saddle pad, wishing to be able to ride more. She put the tack away and got a blue and black plaid blanket. She swung it over Star and put him in his stall with nice fresh bedding. “Brenna, Can I ride Gypsy?” Kayla went up to Brenna, holding her arm. “Sure. I will get Caramel out.” Brenna replied. So with that the two girls went and tacked up the horses. “Just be careful, Brenna. Remember she is kinda crazy.” Kayla told Brenna. “I know, I know.” Brenna got her helmet on and  mounted Caramel. “Wow, Her walk is so smooth today!” Brenna said. “Yeah, She looks great. Kayla mounted Gypsy, and asked her to walk on the rail. “Gypsy looks good, too!” Brenna yelled from across the arena. Brenna tapped her with the crop and the started trotting. As soon as they started to canter, it started to rain. “Maybe we should go into the inside arena.” Brenna suggested. “No, Lets just put them away. We have been riding for a long time.” Kayla told Brenna. They quickly put the horses away after un tacking them and putting on their blankets. “This has been a really long day, Maybe we should just go home.” Kayla said.


Chapter 2

Brenna and Kayla quickly got up and looked in the mirror. “Oh man.” Brenna said.  She was looking at her hair, which was in a knot. Her long, silky blonde hair seemed to get knotted a lot.
Kayla, on the other hand, Always had her hair in braids. They never got knotted, and always stayed perfect. Perfectly brown, and perfectly braided.
“Mom! Help!” Brenna called down to her mother from upstairs.
“Oh, Bre, what is the matter now?” Her mother yelled back.
“My hair, its completely knotted!” Brenna cried.
“Brenna, just get your breakfast and while your eating I will get it straitened.” Her mom set the table and got out Bread and jam. She put the bread in the toaster, and told me to go get my show outfit ready. “But you just said that-” Her mom cut Brenna off. “That  I would get your hair un-knotted. Yes, I know.” Her mom finished for her. Brenna ran upstairs, just to find a new pair of riding jeans, Western and English. “Mom, They are beautiful!!” Brenna called to her mom.
Kayla started downstairs, with her hair in fresh braids. She had her show bag ready to go, unlike Brenna. “Mom, What’s for breakfast?” Kayla called for her mother. “Waffles are in the toaster, get your toppings out if you want.” Her mom called back. “Okay, thanks!” Kayla replied. She quickly got out her toppings, and set them out on the counter. Unlike Brenna, She was very good about timing. She woke up at 5:30, showered, did her hair, and got dressed in an outfit to go to the barn and get Star ready.
At 7:45, Both girls pulled into the driveway of the barn. “Kayla! I am so late!” Brenna ran into the barn almost knocking Kayla down. “Yup, I am fine. Thanks for asking.” Kayla said with sarcasm. “Girls, Calm down. No need to worry,” The owner of the barn, Jane, Called out leading one of the horses, Pearl. Pearl was a white mare, With an unusual black star on her face. “What's wrong with Pearl?” I asked. Jane was leading her hand down Pearls leg. “Crazy mare just hurt her leg in the pasture. Nothing to be worried about.” Jane replied. I walked up into the barn, just to find Brenna sobbing in Peppers stall. “Bre-Brenna, whats wrong?!” I ran over to her, Immediately looking into Peppers stall. “Brenna, Go get Jane, NOW!”  Brenna got up and wiped off a tear and ran to Jane. “Pepper, come on girl, Get up!” I pulled on Peppers halter, and Brenna came running in with Jane, Pearl at her side. “My word- What happened?!” Jane said. “Dear, take Pearl into Sadie's stall, Quick.” Jane handed Brenna the lead rope, but I took it instead. I put Pearl into the stall, and ran back to where Brenna and Jane were standing. I stopped and listened. “Brenna, I am so, so sorry.” I heard Jane say. I saw Brenna shed a few more tears. “PEPPER!” Brenna started sobbing, and I heard her yell. “Kayla, Call the vet, NOW!!!!!!” Jane screamed.


Chapter 3
The knot

I heard some Vets talking, and some more sobbing coming from Brenna. I walked up to her, and wrapped my arms around her. “It will be fine. Just believe.” I tried to calm her down, But it did not work. “Brenna, Your parents are here.” Jane helped Brenna up,  and her parents knelt down. “I'm so sorry, Brenna.” Her mom said. I felt bad for Brenna, and I started crying. I had no idea what was going on, yet I cried along with her. “Jane, The show. What will we do?” I tugged on Jane's sleeve, and she held my hand. “Forget about the show, Think about Pepper.” Jane said. I buried my head into her sweater, and cried some more. The vet came in, with a blood sample. “She has cancer. Or some other unidentified disease. We are not sure.” The vet handed Brenna's dad the sample. “Wait, What does this mean for the horse?” Brenna's  dad asked. The vet shrugged her shoulders. “We are not sure. If you keep her here we will do some research. But we can't be sure what will be the results.” The vet took the blood sample, and walked back into the room. “Excuse me, But will she be okay is what he was asking.” Brenna said. She wiped off her tears and went up to the vet. “ Honey, trust me. If I knew I would tell you.” The vet only turned away, and closed the door right in Brenna's face. “Hey!” Brenna stomped her foot, Quickly turning her face to Jane. “Jane, What do you think is wrong with pepper?” The vet came back in. “Just in,” She talked like a news reporter. “You wont like this, But she has a knot in her stomach.” The vet ran back into the room, once again slamming the door. “Brenna, I think that just answered your question.” Jane actually wiped a few tears off her face, and so did Brenna. “Does this mean-” Jane put her hand over my mouth. “Yes.” She cried with me and Brenna, and hugged us tight.

Chapter 4
Saying goodbye

“Brenna, do you want to insert the needle?” The Vet asked. Brenna looked at her Mom, and nodded. “But wont it scare her?” Brenna asked, shoving the needle away. “If she was standing up, it would. She would just fall over and then her heart would stop. But since she cant get up-” Brenna cute her mom off. “I know.” Brenna wiped a few tears off, and she took the needle from the Vet. “Just insert it right there.” The vet pointed to the spot. “Can I just have a few moments with her please?” Brenna asked. She grabbed Kayla's arm, and pulled her over. “Sure, Sweet heart.” Her Mom said. The vet stayed with us to make sure we did it right, But everyone else left the room. “When Pepper leaves, I want her to know that we are here.” Brenna held my hand, And looked at the Vet. “Please.” Brenna pointed at the door, and to the door the vet went. “I love you, Pepper. Don't worry. We are right here.” Brenna choked on her words. She got the needle and placed it upon Pepper.


Chapter 5a
The last minute

Brenna closed her eyes. “Goodbye, My love.”


Chapter 5b

Galloping fast as the wind, Runs a horse with a flying mane. Her eyes are alert, but her heart soft. Pepper glares up at the sun, quietly whinnying.

“Oh my gosh.” Brenna sat up in bed listening to her horse alarm clock go off. She wiped tears off for the sound of the whinny sounded like Pepper. “I miss you, sweet girl.”

“I miss you too, Brenna.”
Quietly landing after a rear, The dapple gray mare galloped off into a golden barn to meet a young girl, Christa. “Hehehe! I love you, Charm!!” She wrapped her hands around Peppers mane, and pulled herself onto the back of the mare.