November Story Contest

A New Life
By: Ponyluv1999

Sara- City Girl   
Nicole-Country Girl
Nick-Sara's Dad
Megan-Nicole's Mom
Ben-Nicole's Dad

    Sara looked out the window of her Dad's Ford Focus at the fields filled with Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and other Farm Animals.
"I hate it here, its gross." Sara said annoyingly to her Dad.
"Well to bad, this is where you will be living for now on." Nick responded quickly. "Your just going to have to deal with it."
"I hate horses, their smelly, and its wayyyy to easy to ride." Sara snapped back.
"Never say that, horses are wonderful, unique, animals. And you never know, riding is not just sitting on a horse." Nick said.
"Whatever." Said Sara.
As Nick pulled up to their new house, in Tennessee, they saw the barn and fields separating their house from their neighbors house, the Golds, who owns the farm. "The Golds have a daughter who ride, Nicole, maybe she can help you with riding, and you two can be friends." Nick exclaimed.
"I don't want to ride and I don't want to talk to anyone." Sara replied.
"Okay, yes I know Sara that moving from the big city can be hard, especially when you are moving out to the country, but just give it a chance, this could make you a different person, horses and people who love horses can change you." Nick responded.
"Whatever." Sara said longingly, for the honking of cars below on the street, the people running because they are late to work.

Sara knew here was different, that there would only be the sounds of horses, and trucks in the near-by distance. Sara Hated it. As Nick and Sara pulled in to the driveway, they saw the Golds walking out of the house. Sara thought that she would just get out and run up to her room when she got out of the car, which she did.
"I apologize for her, this is really hard for her." Nick directed his speech to Ben and Megan, the father and mother of Nicole Golds. Sara cried in her room, thinking that life would never be the same.
"I am glad to meet all three of you, and Nicole, I bet when Sara is calmed down and gets used to her surroundings, you two can be good friends, but I have to unpack our moving stuff, so I hope to see you guys around soon!" Nick said, this time to all three of them. But, Nicole thought to herself that she did not want to be friends with the new girl, she was nothing like her. She knew she hated horses, and thought they were just smelly wasted space. She did not like her, at all. When Nick unpacked all of the big, small, medium sized boxes, he went up to Sara's room.
"I have your things down in the kitchen." Nick said worryingly.
"Fine." Sara snapped back. Sara walked down to the kitchen to get her boxes, while her father was in his room unpacking his things. Sara walked to her room, and unpacked all of the boxes, and she looked out her window, and she Nicole in her room, her mother talking to her and doing things to her room. Sara longed for her mother to still be alive. She looked away, in case one of them looked over and saw her looking. Nick knocked on Sara's door. "Can I come in?" Nick asked.
''Sure." Sara responded calmly. Nick handed her riding boots, chaps, and a helmet.
"Your going to get up at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow morning, get this on, go down to the barn and meet the Golds." Nick said to her.
"Just great." Sara responded. She grabbed the boots and helmet and threw them in her closet. "Just great." She said again to herself.

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