October Story Contest

The First Adventure of Black Rose (At Apple Ridge Farms)
By: Raven305
Age: 16

A wonderful black mare gallops through the band of wild mustangs feeling as free as the wind. This mustang was a mixture of breeds, born in the wild, and remained in the wild, until she happens upon a stable called Apple Ridge Farms. She never wanted any human next to her, she bucked and kicked sounding off like a stallion. They slowly gained her trust, until a certain girl showed the black mare a certain boy who changed her life forever. Bo and Olive gained Black Rose’s trust the most and Black Rose was slowly falling in love with the boy and the boy was falling in love with the horse.

Bo and Rose did everything together, trail rides, shows, and went almost everywhere together. Until Bo got a new horse, called Majesty. Majesty was a calm obedient horse who won the affection of Bo. Rose got jealous quickly. One day when Bo let the two into the pasture the gelding came close to Rose, she reared and galloped at the fence hopped it and galloped day and night finding herds and bands that wouldn’t take her in. Bo was heartbroken as well as everyone else at ARF. Every day they would search the trails and find nothing, even the simplest place where usual herds came and went, but nothing. Rose galloped by day and rested by night. Every once in a while ropers would report a black horse galloping by who they would try to attempt to catch it but alas they could not. For Rose was in a furry that perhaps nobody could break the spell.

One day, Olive and Bo went for a ride. She on her horse Peace, and Bo on olive’s horse Love. They decide to go out farther than usual, its been weeks and they all have given up hope. They go up to Diamond Creek and find a black horse drinking from the river, she feels the presence of the two she lifts her head up and rears as high as a nearby tree, letting out a stallion cry that only they would know one mare would do.

“Rose!” they cried out joyfully, they both dismount and run over to the dirty mare. Bo and Olive bring out an emergency grooming kit out of the saddle bag and pick the hooves and brushes with long gentle strokes still she is shining in the autumn afternoon. Bo mounts Rose bareback and the two and three horses walk back to the stables. The four kids rejoice seeing the black mare again. They give her the biggest stall with the biggest paddock and pasture so she will still be wild, forever, but with manners.

~Tribute to 4 special friends I met on facebook and we role play since forever the special 4 I hope you see this <3 because I love you and may you remain in my heart!
~ Raven305