October Story Contest

Taking the Reins part 1
By: pp2
Age: 9

Grace was impatient for her grandmother to take her to the local stable in Winterville.  It was called Shining Star Stable.  Grace had her own horse, a black mare named Midnight, short for A Star at Midnight.  She was already friends with the next door neighbor, Hannah.  
Even though Hanna was 8 and Grace was 9 and a half they had still been friends right away.  Hanna had her own horse, a paint mare named Brownie short for Sweet Brownie.  She was friends with the stable owner’s daughter Heidi.  
Of course she had a horse!  His name is Lucky, short for Lucky Clover. 
Hanna had invited Grace over to Shining Star to meet Heidi.  She had said OK so she had asked her grandmother to take her on Saturday.  It was Saturday and she was waiting for her grandmother to come and say it was time to go.  Finally her grandmother came into the room and said it was.  She was so excited to be going to Shining Star.
Hannah’s mom said that she would not be able to take Hannah to Shining Star so she went on the trail she and Heidi had.  They called it The Horse Dreamers Trail.  Hannah was there before Grace.  “How did you get here before me Hannah?  Your mom said she couldn’t bring you.” Grace stated.  “I went on the trail that goes from my house to here and now I am here,” said Hannah.  “Now let’s go and meet Heidi.”  So they went to meet her. 

“Hi you must be Grace,” said Heidi’s mom.  “My name is Mrs. Abbie but you can just call me Mrs. A.”  I own Shining Star Stables I assume you are trying to find Heidi.  She is in the stable with Lucky.  “Okay thanks Mrs. A”.  “You are welcome Hannah”. 
“Heidi, I have some one for you to meet.”
“Okay Hannah one sec.”
“I’m ready now.” 
“Heidi this is Grace.”
“Grace this is Heidi.”
“Hi Heidi.  I’m Grace.”
“Hi Grace.  Do you have a horse?” asked Heidi.
“Yes her name is Midnight which is short for A Star at Midnight” answered Grace
“Cool!  My horse’s name is Lucky which is short for Lucky Clover.”
“Why is he named Lucky Clover?”
“He is named Lucky because we thought that one of the foals inside his mother was not alive.”
“Oh.  She had twins?” asked Grace.
“Yes.  He got Clover from the little mark that looks like a clover on his rump” replied Heidi.
“Want to go for a ride?” asked Hannah
“Okay Hannah!” said Grace.
“Okay!” answered Heidi
“Then let’s go tack up Midnight, Lucky, and Brownie!” replied Hannah.

Read on more next time!  What will they find on there adventure into the woods? you'll have to wait until next month to find out...