October Story Contest

Maddie's Christmas Pony
By: crazylovetoshadow
Age: 11

Chapter 1
it was a warm sunny day in Wiggins. Maddy was inside helping decorate the Christmas tree, while her Mother made her once in a time chocolate chip cookies. This year Maddy didn’t want any present she wanted a pony. You see ever since Maddy could remember she has loved ponies. Maddy knew she was never ever EVER getting a pony. 

Chapter 2
Wiggins seemed buzzing with Christmas songs. The shops and lam posts were covered with tinsel and Christmas bells. "Maddy Mom said we could have a oatmeal cookie each!" said Maddy's little sister Melody with a sparkle in her eyes. Maddy's little sister loves oatmeal cookies. 

Chapter 3
After lunch they went Christmas shopping in the next Town. It was strange Mom went with Melody in Wiggins and Maddy went with Dad in the next Town. Maddy got Mom a sewing kit, Dad a cooking set and Melody a knitted old - fashion rag doll. Dad got Mom a sweater, Melody a fairy dress and Maddy a riding helmet. (which is rather odd.)

Chapter 4
After they had dinner they went to church. When they came home Maddy changed into her pj's and snuggled into her bed. Melody woke Maddy up early. "good morning girls" said Mom and Dad "Maddy your Christmas present is outside" said Mom smiling "oh ok coming!" said Maddy confused. "SUPRISE!!" Maddy couldn’t believe her eyes there standing right in front of her was a black pony!!
"THANK YOU!!!" screamed Maddy.

Maddy took the reins and said " come on shadow, LETS RIDE!!!" 

The End