October Story Contest

Amelia's Birthday
By: Minke
Age: 9

Once upon a time, there was a family of 9 people. The mother was pregnant. The father had work, the oldest boy was special needs, and the second oldest was a girl who loved pony/s and horses she loved all animals. The third oldest was a boy he liked tiger/s. The fourth oldest was another boy, he liked cheaters animal cheaters .Fifth oldest  was a boy who was deaf for three years of his life, and he liked tigers as well as the third oldest.The fifth oldest was a girl  she likes cats. The last oldest is a girl as well as the second oldest and the fifth oldest. The mother is older then the father.

The oldest girls name is Amelia and Amelia loves horses as much as people can love pony/s she had a pet cat. Amelia was nice and sweet. She loves her brothers and sisters so much. She did not have a pony or horse, but she wanted one so her biggest wish was to get a pony. Her cat had baby/s . One of her baby/s had kittens like her mom. Amelia was excited because she might get one of the kittens. She did not know what one she would like if she got one though. Amelia was nine years old. She loved her birthday so much .