January Story Contest

Guardian part 1
By: Skyberry
Age: 12

A low growl erupts in its throat, its glowing green eyes piercing into my thoughts. I shy away, prancing. My hoof lands on another, and it's teeth clamp on. I am surrounded. I try to shake it off, but to no avail. In a sudden panic, I rear and leap over them, running hard. They stay behind me, a single hair away. I leap across ditches and cross gushing rivers. They keep up. Is there no help?
       But then, a sudden bright light flashes and relief floods over me. A human was there, my guardian. She flashes another light and the wolves yelp in pain. They turn around and race away into the night. She comes to me and heals my wounds, pats me, and allows me to race back to my herd.
      The lead stallion carefully welcomes me back. When he sees I am fine, he whinnies thanks into the night, to our unknown guardian. She appears to us when we are in great times of need. We are greatful to her, but have no clue of her being, other than what she does.
       Ever since she had appeared last moon, our herd has felt peace around us. When we were starving, that first time, she brought us food. Later incidents, when we were seen by predators, she drove them away and healed us. We have begun to trust her.
        I lower my head and begin to graze in the moonlight. Soon, I am full and I fall into a deep sleep. My herd's breathing around me is the last I hear before morning.
    Birds twitter, flapping high up in the branches. A mother robin roosts on her nest while the father catches worms. I raise my head and begin to groom my mate, Magic, while flicking my tail against flies.He raises his head and begins to groom my back. Soon the herd is snorting and grooming one another, and the young foals gallop. I watch the peaceful forest around me, the dawn unfolding into another day. I finish groomign Magic and he ambles away to drink from the stream. I bask in the sunlight, enjoying how it feels on my fur.
    A foreign stallion suddenly gallops into the clearing. Lead stallion races up to meet him, defiance flickering in his eyes. His black coat glistens, his rare silver mane is tossed. The foreign stallion snorts a challenge, young, strong, confident. My herd's current lead stallion rears and flicks out his strong hooves. The bay snorts. They rear, leap, and spin. Finally our black leader manages to force the bay into a retreat. I watch, proud of Solstice.
    He neighs his victory to the forest, and all seems become louder, celebrating. The young and foreign watches us, 500 ft off, slightly wounded. The bay wades in the river, and tosses his mane. Anger flashes in his eyes, his loss seemingly great. Then suddenly and blue flash emanates from his body and shoot up into the stars, leaving us stricken. Our human flashes gold, between us and the stallion. The stallion trots away, seeming confused. I huddle next to magic and stare.