January Story Contest

Pumpkin the Lonely Horse part 2 part 1
By: Scoutgirl
Age: 12

She couldn’t get back up! Her head bobbed up and down as she tried to gasp for air.  Pumpkin could feel herself being swept down the river, and scraped against rocks.  After what seemed like hours, she finally could feel herself gently floating down the river into a small pond.
 Was she dead? She couldn’t tell. Pumpkin felt something smooth under her.  It was sand.  Had she reached shore?  Had anyone been looking for her?  How long had she been gone? Where was she now?  Pumpkin tried to find an answer for these questions, but just couldn’t find any.  She felt something pushing her up on the shore.  Was someone helping her? Had someone found her?  She opened her eyes just to see if someone was there, but sadly it was only the wind and water.
Pumpkin was very sore; she had scrapes and scratches all over her.  All she wanted now was someone there to take care of her.  She even missed Billy, and all the horses.  Most of all, she missed Joey. 
Knowing that she should get rest, she thought, “If I go to sleep while I’m cold and wet I’ll get sick, but how am I supposed to get warm and dry?”  She tried to pull herself up out of the water thinking it would make her a little warmer and dryer.
Pumpkin used every ounce of strength she had left and inch by inch she pulled herself upward until she didn’t have the strength to move anymore.  After she pulled herself up, she was very weak and tired.  She then slowly drifted off to sleep.
Back at the farm, Joey was getting worried.  He couldn’t see Pumpkin in the field anywhere!  He called Billy to tell him.  “Billy, when I went to put Pumpkin in her stall for the night, I couldn’t see her anywhere! I even went in and searched all over!”  “Did you leave the gate open or unlocked?” questioned Billy.  “No! I double checked it, I promise! She just disappeared!” panicked Joey.  “Alright, alright just calm down!  She was a useless horse anyway.” 
“Wait, so you’re not mad?  She could get hurt!”  “Did you check the fence?  It might have been blown down from the wind somewhere.”  “Well no, but I doubt the wind would be strong enough.”  “Just go home and go to sleep.  I’ll see you in the morning.  Try to keep your eye out for her.”
Joey has to pass the river to reach his house. Unfortunately he didn’t see Pumpkin.   Later that day Joey fed and watered his horses and went to bed.  The next day on his way back to the farm he once again kept his eye out for Pumpkin but he still did not see her.  Billy and Joey looked every where for Pumpkin but still couldn’t find her.
Pumpkin saw Joey when he passed that morning to get to the farm.  She was just too tired at that moment to get up. Now she was up and hungry.  She had seen where Joey had come from and had decided to follow the truck tracks.

Pumpkin got up and started to walk toward the road.  Once she was at the road she started to walk the same direction Joey had come from.  About 10 minutes after she had started walking she saw a small farm in the distance.  She started walking faster; soon she was trotting toward the small farm.  After 10 more minutes she finally reached the farm entrance.  Pumpkin could hear horse neighs and whinnies.  They were not familiar but she didn’t care.
Pumpkin walked over to where the stalls were.  Inside there were two horses and 6 stalls.  She went to where the hay was kept and ate until she was full.  Then she went to an empty stall and lay down inside and fell asleep.
By now Joey was just turning up on to his driveway.  Like usual he went to feed and water buddy and Pumpkin.  This time though he found a bale of hay ripped apart and almost half gone.
Then he went past the stall that Pumpkin was in, to feed his horses when he saw Pumpkin!  He was so happy!  He quickly fed and watered buddy and muffin and went over to Pumpkin.  She had scrapes, and bruises on her body.  Making her look a lot different from the day before.
Pumpkin woke up to see Joey coming in with a heat pack and blanket to keep her warm.  He also gave her plenty of water and hay. When she woke up he even brushed her a little, trying not to hurt her.  Billy would never have done this for her.  This made Pumpkin really happy.
Joey called Billy and told him that Pumpkin had come to his barn and that she was safe.  Then Joey said
“Billy, I really like Pumpkin and I think she likes me and I would like to buy her from you. 
"How much do you want for her?”  Billy said.
“You can have her for free as long as you take care of her.” 
“Really, she’s mine? Do you mean forever?”
“Yes I do mean forever.” 
“Wow! Thanks Billy! You won’t regret it I promise!”

Several weeks later, Pumpkin, Buddy and Muffin were all playing in the field together.  They didn’t care how she looked!  Joey even rode her every once in a while.  In the end Pumpkin lived a very long and happy life!

The End